Family • July 31, 2015

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015- July.

It’s the last day of the month so time for the usual exclamation of the fact that the month has gone so quickly. But it really has. July, like the rest of the year, seems to have passed us by in a blur. I cann’t believe that tomorrow brings us the beginning of August and therefore ever nearer to September and Mads starting school. In fact, this time next month we will only be a few days off her beginning the next chapter of her life. Of all our lives.

We made a little pact at the start of the Summer that we would enjoy a lovely Summer with our girl, free from structure, before we settle into a life of school runs and a more rigid routine. We have certainly done that in July, enjoying a long weekend in Stockholm, some quiet family weekends and some impromptu days out. Indeed, I filmed a week in our lives last week, which I am now doing once a month- I think it will be lovely to watch them back when the girls are a little bigger.

I was originally going to use a photo that we took in Stockholm for my ‘Me and Mine’ photos this month, we climbed up to a viewing point and while we were there a kind tourist asked if we would like a photo taken. The problem was LL had literally minutes before fallen asleep in the buggy, we actually didn’t want her to sleep as it was getting near bedtime so we woke her up and got her out for a photo. Cue a rather grumpy little lady who didn’t particularly want to look at the camera!

The beauty of Mr E working from home, well indeed both of us working from home, is that we can have impromptu afternoons out as long as we both catch up in the evening. So yesterday I decided that we were due a trip to the lavender farm, where we took our family photos for this month. We have visited Hitchin Lavender the last couple of years, yesterday being our third year, and I love that it has become a little yearly tradition of ours.

However this is the first time we have managed to capture some family photos while we have been there, someone kindly took one for us last year, but this year we were organised and took the tripod with us. I took SO many photos which no doubt I will share next week, but here is my little family in July…

meandminejuly 15 1

This is my favourite one. I just absolutely love it, I just love the happy giggles and the smiles on the girls faces.

meandminejuly 15 4

Even though I have a remote I still don’t use it for some bizarre reason, so I kept setting the self timer and running down the narrow lavender path, jumping over Mr E to get in place in time. I can’t believe I didn’t get stung by one of the many bees buzzing around going about their business.

meandminejuly 15 2

We were really lucky that the lavender field was so quiet, with only a couple of people taking photos right next to us, they then left and we were the only ones there bar the odd member of staff.

meandminejuly 15 3

I really am so pleased with these photos, obviously with two small children you never know how they are going to react to going somewhere specifically to take photos, but they were both having so much fun and really enjoyed running up and down the lavender, and at the end we didn’t want to go home so sat and had an ice cream and a drink in the little coffee shop. It’s such a beautiful place and has become such a lovely little tradition for us, so I am pleased I have finally got some family photos of us there too.

This month I am sending you to go and have a look at Alex’s beautiful blog. She has just had her new little boy Logan a couple of weeks ago and so her Me and Mine photos for this month are no doubt going to be beautiful.

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