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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- April.

If I thought the rest of the year had gone quickly so far, then it is nothing compared to April.  April seems to have whizzed by and I cannot believe that it is May tomorrow.  We are nearly halfway through 2014 and that is a really surreal thought.

May and June are exceptionally busy months for us with no free weekends.  We are booked up every weekend seeing friends, having days out, holidays, a couple of races and some blog conferences too.  While I am feeling so grateful for lots of fun things on the horizon I am a little overwhelmed with just how busy we are.  Myself and the girls thrive on routine and structure, so it will be interesting to see just how these weekends impact on things like nap time.

April has been a relatively quiet but happy month for my little family, mixed with some not so good parts.  To get the slightly negative parts out the way first, I have not been myself for a lot of April.  I have been suffering every few days or so with really bad sickness and tummy bugs, so much so that it has really impacted on things I have had planned.  I even had to leave one of my best friends hen do’s early a couple of weeks ago and I had been looking forward to it for about a year.  I have been having some tests done at the doctor and at the moment they think I might have quite a severe allergy to something, but I am having more tests done in the next couple of weeks so we shall see.

Bar that little setback, April has been a happy time.  We have caught the Spring cleaning bug and have been busy decorating our little home as we haven’t decorated since moving in five years ago and every room is due a refresh.  We have redone our bedroom which looks lovely, as well as the hallway, downstairs toilet and porch.  It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do.

We have had some quiet weekends, some slightly busier ones and also made some lovely memories. We had one of the nicest weekends I have had in ages over the Easter bank holiday and this is where the first set of my family photos for this month is from.  For once we didn’t have to do a self timer and tripod job as my little sister took these photos for me.

I really like to humiliate my husband for blog photo purposes (most specifically being the Christmas hats!) so I just had to make him wear bunny ears- it was Easter after all.  Mads was wired on E numbers and LL was a little grumpy but I love that we have a memory of our four day weekend.


See Mads face?  Pure sugar high.  And little LL is clutching on to her loot for dear life.


I kind of like this one even though I am blinking because it makes me smile.  Mr E did the complete social faux pas of showing LL’s knickers to the camera and LL doesn’t look very happy about it at all.  Mads is still wired on that sugar.  Standard.

Our next set of photos were a tripod and self timer jobby which was tricky in itself as the tripod did not want to balance on the uneven soil.  On our way home from somewhere one weekend we decided to stop by a rapeseed field.  We all had a fun time taking these photos.  The colour yellow makes me happy.

This one below is my favourite as everyone is smiling. (or shouting Gruffalo in Mads case!)

yellow rapeseed photoshoot1

yellow rapeseed photoshoot2

yellow rapeseed photoshoot3

LL doesn’t look too happy to be with us all on this one which is a shame cause otherwise that might have been one for a frame.

We are looking forward to seeing what May will bring our little family.


This month I am sending you over to Lucy’s blog.  Lucy is one of my favourites and if you want to get lost in a world of beautiful food, gorgeous family snaps and lovely photography then look no further.


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