Family • September 15, 2017

My Sisters and Brothers in September 2017

It’s been a long old week here, full of emotions and the arrival of a new routine. I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever been as excited and happy for Friday afternoon to come around.

Our biggest girl started in Year 2, excited about a new teacher (she had the same lovely one for two years) and came home this afternoon with a certificate from her first celebration assembly. I know that they fairly give them to everyone throughout the year but a little proud parent part of me likes to think she must have made a good impression to be chosen as one of the first. Her teacher said that she had had a super start to Year 2 and well done to her for being such a keen, enthusiastic and helpful member of her class. She came running through the door with such a pride in her eyes and a smile on her face to show me her happy news. It reminded me that she is still so young and luckily still so innocent. I never want that to change.

Our middle baby girl started school (sob) and I don’t think I have ever seen someone look so sweet in a school uniform, with her tall gangly legs in her shorts (she had to be like her big sister) and her still golden blond hair highlighted from summer adventures looking adorable in a top knot. She’s been a bit overwhelmed but has gone into school every day happy and come home at midday with the happiest smile on her face. I just can’t believe where the time has gone and I can’t believe I have two little girls at school. Nothing makes me prouder (and a little emotional) than seeing them run off together in their identical uniforms in the morning.

Our baby boy started nursery. I have been putting it off for months and months, but at 17 months I feel like him going will be better in the long run for all of us. I struggle to get work done, having far too many 1am finishes, sticking to a routine, and to then be a good parent when I am worried about work. He is only going in for two afternoons a week, but I am hoping some routine and structure will be good for us all. Still doesn’t mean that I don’t feel sad that this era of our lives is over, although I know how lucky I am that he hasn’t had to go in till now. He’s done two small sessions this week and I miss him desperately when he is gone, mainly cause he is my last baby and I am so acutely aware how fast time goes. But I know once we are settled I will more than likely enjoy that little break away from him, and relish the feeling of seeing him hold his arms out to me when I go and pick him up.

I was late yet again for ‘Siblings’ this month, realising late last night that I didn’t have any photos lined up (I’m either super organised and get them well in advance or I completely forget). So I took these just now when they all returned from picking up Mads from school with Jon. They aren’t the best quality (hello dark clouds and rain), but I think these natural candid ones are my favourite kind. I also love that our house is starting to look more like us, look more like a home, and therefore I am proud to have it in my photos.

I can’t wait to spend the weekend with these three.


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