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The Second Trimester

I don’t really seem to be following any sort of pattern with my pregnancy updates this time around, in fact I have only done a couple, but as I did a post signalling the end of my first trimester I thought I would do the same this time around too.

As I write this I am currently 29 weeks pregnant so well and truly in the third trimester now. That feels rather exciting to finally be able to say that, in some ways it feels like I have been pregnant forever if I think back to August when we found out, but at the same time to know that we are almost on the single digit countdown is really surreal. The second trimester is often known as the easiest trimester of pregnancy and it definitely has been pretty straightforward and non eventful for me.

I think my biggest symptom was definitely tiredness, which I mention in the video I recently made, but funnily enough today I received a telephone call from my midwife saying that my iron levels are low and she has prescribed me iron tablets. I expected this as I had it with LL at around the stage and I could tell I was starting to get even bigger dark circles under my eyes and look even paler than normal. I was really bad at taking them with my youngest daughter, but then I lost a lost of blood in my c-section and narrowly missed a blood transfusion, so I really need to make sure I remember to take them this time to keep my levels nice and high.

Tiredness is definitely the worst it has ever been this time around. I seriously lack energy- it takes me ages to get up in the morning and then by the time I am awake I have a few hours where I am fine until I have my lunch and then I get really tired and want a nap. Sometimes I get to have one, it depends on what I am doing, I don’t on my Tuesday and Thursday work days but often do on the other days when LL has a sleep as well. I am exceptionally lucky in that because my husband works from home, he often picks Mads up in the afternoons, so I get to put my pj’s on after lunch and then not take them off again!

His kicks are getting really strong now, in fact I am at the stage where my whole tummy moves and sometimes they can almost be a little uncomfortable if he catches me unawares. Mr E and I sit at night and watch him wriggling about, it really is the best thing about pregnancy for me and I absolutely love feel in him move- in fact he is doing it as I write this. I think it is the thing I will miss the most once he is born and I come to the realisation that my baby growing days are over.

My bump is expanding by the day and when I went to have my blood tests done at the hospital yesterday, the first thing the lady doing them said to me was ‘wow haven’t you got a big bump?’ I definitely am bigger than I was at this stage with the girls and I thought I was enormous then! I had my first growth scan last week, I am having them just as a precaution, and the baby was already measuring about 3lb. I had one around the same stage with Mads and she weighed a little less, so taking the fact my bump is huge plus the growth scan into consideration, I reckon this little boy is going to be the biggest of the lot.

My nesting instinct is really kicking in now (to be honest I think I always have a nesting instinct!) but it has been quite tricky as we have been having lots of renovation work done on the house so it hasn’t been all that relaxing. Luckily it is almost finished so I can’t wait to get our house properly back in order and ready for the arrival of our little boy. I have been going a bit crazy on baby clothes, as have some of my family, so much so that I am thinking of taking some back and swapping them for bigger sizes. I am absolutely loving buying for a little boy after obviously buying for little girls for so long, and it feels amazing to see these teeny tiny baby grows and know that all being well we will have a little person in them very soon.

We have most of our bigger purchases now, as well as using things that we already had. We have had a serious amount of expense recently as we are having an extension put on our house (partly to make room for this new baba!) and although we have been saving for years for it, we have run into other costs here and there, therefore unfortunately buying things for the baby has slipped down my priority list a little more and I want to make do with a lot of the things we have got rather than spend money on things he will only use for a few months.

We had sold our buggy but as I wrote in this post, are super excited to be working with Cosatto over the next few months so they have very kindly sent us a beautiful Ooba travel system for the new baby. I am excited to have the pram attachment as I didn’t have a pram with LL and I really missed it, we just generally used the car seat. Other than that, we have got a SnuzPod which I cannot wait to use as I have heard friends talk about them very highly. I also couldn’t resist getting this gorgeous bouncy chair from Mamas and Papas as I just loved the patterns and colours of it. Our previous bouncy chair was also from there and was a present from a dear family friend when Mads was born, but we let another friend borrow it and they must have let someone else borrow it, and we now can’t find it. I am excited for the baby to have a new one of his own to use!

Emotionally speaking I am very up and down, hormones are definitely raging in our house. One minute I can be as happy as anything and the next minute I am crying over a TV advert or something similar. I am having a certain amount of anxiety about having a third c-section and I need to speak to my midwife about it at my next appointment, at my one last week there was someone covering my usual midwife as she had been up all night at a home birth. It has been keeping me awake at night on occasions and I want to go into the birth feeling as positive as possible about it all, but there is definitely a large part of me that is nervous about having a third c-section.

When I was pregnant with LL I was very emotional the whole way through and then when she was born about the fact that this would be the last time I would be pregnant and have a newborn baby. I used to get very teary about it, but at the time we were positive that we would stop at two children. With this pregnancy, while I do feel emotional occasionally when I think about the fact that this, all being well, is the last time I will be pregnant, I don’t have the same kind of emotions and sadness as with LL. I know for sure that our family will be complete with three children and there is no part of me that thinks we will have a fourth baby- definitely not! So I don’t know whether I am not as emotional about it because I know for sure, whereas when I was pregnant with LL perhaps there was a part of me that wouldn’t accept the fact we were finished at two. I am going to try and relish every single second of the newborn days as this is most definitely going to be our last baby.

I am very much someone who ticks off the time by having dates or milestones to get to. 30 weeks is obviously a big one, but then I have a series of little dates in my diary to get to, which will hopefully make the time pass quicker. Just silly things, like my birthday, a potential weekend away, the easter holidays etc. I find that by having these dates in my head and then reaching them, for some reason it means the time seems to pass by quicker.

But at the same time, I am very much just trying to enjoy life with my girls. I do have worries and nerves that life is going to change so much for us, just at the point where it kind of got slightly ‘easier’ and they are more grown up and easy to manage. I worry about not being able to dedicate as much time to them and while we all couldn’t be more excited about the new member joining our family, as my pregnancy gets further along, I do find myself thinking about our family dynamic and our happy little life and how it is going to change. But I remember feeling that way being pregnant with LL and she completely and utterly stole our hearts and her place in our family.

We all just can’t wait to meet our baby boy.


I filmed a video just recapping the second trimester as I think it will mainly be nice for me to look back on in years to come. I also have been taking my fortnightly bump photos as well…


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