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What I am Packing in my Hospital Bag (C-Section Delivery): For Mum

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about what I am taking in my hospital bag for our baby boy when I go in to have him in less than a couple of weeks time. (eeek!) I have finally got organised and packed my bag for myself too, as of course this is no where near as fun as packing all those little baby outfits so it has been the last on my priority list.

Over the weekend we also put up the baby’s crib and I went to IKEA and got some storage so I feel like we are finally getting organised and over the next week or so I am going to start to find homes for the things that are currently cluttering up our bedroom. It is all starting to feel very real and I cannot believe that we are on the final countdown now.

In terms of my hospital bag, like I mentioned previously I like to pack light so I have got the basics with me. If we end up needing to stay in hospital longer, we literally live a few minutes drive from the hospital so Mr E can go and get me more things. I am having a scheduled c-section so I am packing as if I am staying two nights, although I know all being well they often try and discharge you after a night with this new enhanced c-section recovery. However I think I have all the essentials with me.

I have taken a few photos of just a few of the things I am taking with me, but all the things are mentioned on the video…

hospital_bag_for_mum_4The bag I am taking to hospital with me is this Pink Lining Henrietta Tote, it’s actually a changing bag but I thought it was the perfect size for me and all my bits and pieces.

hospital_bag_for_mum_1 I am taking two comfy sets of nightwear to use after my c-section. Obviously during the surgery I will be wearing a hospital gown and then from memory I think I wore one for the first day as you can’t get out of bed for the first 24 hours. For the next day I have got these super cosy and comfy nursing PJ’s from The Essential One- they are incredibly soft and will hopefully be kind on my scar as I can pull them up high.

hospital_bag_for_mum_3My Mum bought me this oversized night shirt from Tesco as she thought it would be good if I am breastfeeding. It’s really soft and I love the fact it is a nice Spring colour too.

hospital_bag_for_mum_2  I saw these when I was out shopping the other day and I thought they would be perfect to take into the hospital for when I am up and out of bed. They are cosy but not too hot and they also won’t take up too much space in my bag either. They are from Next but I can’t find them online.

hospital_bag_for_mum_5My milk might not come in until I have left the hospital but I am taking a few breast pads just in case. You also still bleed after a c-section, I bled for a few weeks with both my girls so maternity pads are still really important.

Other things I am taking which you can see in the video are-

My maternity notes.

Mothercare Spotty Nursing Bras.

 Lansinoah HPA Nipple Cream. (this is most definitely a breastfeeding necessity for me as it helps soothe cracked an sore nipples- a tip is to use it before they start to hurt.)

Big, big Pants 😉 I always go a size higher as the last thing you want is for them to be resting on your scar.

Make up- probably just concealor and mascara.

A pillow from home.

Deodorant, wipes and make up remover wipes.

Going Home Outfit- The Essential One comfy leggings and a top which I haven’t decided on yet.

Then of course I will take my camera, phone and chargers as well, although I will probably give the camera to Mr E to charge overnight and bring back the next day. I am also going to take a battery pack for my phone so I can charge it. I know hospitals have policies about phones in terms of talking on them, but I know from experience in that first day when all baby does is sleep and once Mr E has gone home I will feel quite lonely so it will be good to make sure my phone has a lot of charge.

And that’s it. Now we are on the final countdown and we wait and pray for the safe arrival of our baby boy. You can check out everything I am taking in the video below….



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