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A Pregnancy Update- Four and Five Months Pregnant

I can’t believe that I am now over halfway through my third pregnancy. This month has gone crazy fast, what with all the festive celebrations so I thought it would be nice to do a little update on how my third pregnancy is going. I really wanted to do regular updates, but to be honest life is just so busy and lets face it, not a lot happens in the second trimester of pregnancy. I am not doing fortnightly bump diaries like I did with my youngest little girl as to be honest not that much changes from week to week, but I still wanted to make sure I take bump photos as I love documenting the incredibly special way in which your body changes to accommodate this growing human.

So what has been happening pregnancy wise recently?

Well after our initial excitement of finding out that our little bump was a boy and making a lovely video when we told the girls, things have slowed down a little pregnancy wise. I still can’t quite believe I am having a boy, it has sunk in more now but we are still finding it hard to believe. It has however quite clearly been seen on two scans now, so our bump is definitely of the blue variety! I am beyond excited (and a little nervous) to be having the privilege of having a son after two daughters, it feels like something a little new and different for what will be our last baby. A new adventure so to speak.

Symptom wise I am definitely feeling so much better than I was, but now the latter stages of the second trimester are bringing different symptoms and feelings. Even though I deep down thought I was having a girl, I did joke to people that this one was definitely a boy as I felt so different to how I felt with the girls. The first trimester definitely dragged as I felt so poorly, but those days are pretty much behind me.

I still get the odd day of feeling a bit sick and faint, almost dizzy, but not serious or particularly bad, which probably doesn’t quite make sense. It isn’t that same kind of nausea as the first trimester, more the kind like if you don’t eat for a while. Thankfully the awful headaches I had have subsided, but the tiredness hasn’t. Again it is a different kind of tired, it isn’t the ‘I need to go to bed at 8pm’ tired like the first trimester, more just that I constantly feel a bit sleepy and not fully energised.

One symptom that hasn’t been so nice is that I have been suffering quite badly with anxiety. I am quite an anxious person at times anyway, I always have been, but it definitely seems to be worse at the moment and I just want to hibernate at home and not go anywhere too far. However I don’t know if that is down to the fact that there have been some awful things happening in the world in the wake of the tragedy in Paris, or whether it is actually worse because of pregnancy hormones. I am trying to relax and take my mind off the things that are troubling me, but it can definitely be hard at times and the anxiety is one part of it that is hard for me.

As you will see from the bump photos below, my tummy is definitely looking very pregnant now. I feel very huge and Mr E and I keep joking about the fact I am going to not be able to fit through the front door by the end of this pregnancy! I actually had my first bump measurement yesterday at my midwife appointment and I am not measuring big (yet!), but I am definitely way bigger than I was with the girls. (here is a 23 week bump shot of LL to compare) Whether that is because it is my third pregnancy or because I am expecting a boy and it is a different shape, who knows.

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I am feeling lots of movement now and in the last few days I have been getting more prominent movements where I can see him moving across my bump and making it change shape. I had an anterior placenta (at the front) with both girls and this time it is at the back and I have been feeling what I thought were faint movements since 16 weeks, whereas with them it was after 20 weeks both times. He is getting into a real pattern where he kicks in the morning when I first wake up and am still in bed then goes quite quiet during the day, before going crazy when we sit down in the evening when I am relaxing on the sofa. The movement is the best part of pregnancy by far for me, I adore feeling the kicks and watching the wiggles, it is magical and I am savouring every second of it.

One odd symptom I have been having is that I have been getting incredibly itchy, mainly at night. It is mainly on my back, chest, legs and feet, but then because I am thinking about it and itching, I end up getting itchy everywhere. I didn’t have this with the girls and it can be quite uncomfortable at times. I had a midwife appointment yesterday and I spoke to her about it, and she took some bloods just to rule out anything nasty. However we both agreed that this was probably unlikely as I didn’t have anything with the girls, it is probably just hormones or my skin stretching.

We have bought our first few things for this baby boy bump. The other day we sorted out the loft and bought down all the hundreds of baby girl bits we had up there. We sorted out ten bags for charity, some to keep for LL, some special bits to sell and some to give to friends, and now I feel a bit more organised. We obviously have quite a bit to get as all the newborn and baby clothes we had are very girl gender specific. I have bought quite a lot of baby grows as I basically want him to live in them until he is a few months old, I am in no rush to put him in little outfits. So far the nicest boy baby grows I have found are in Next, The Essential One and Gap. I remember friends with either boys or both sexes saying that they are not as exciting to buy clothes for as girls, but after two girls I am absolutely loving looking in the boy sections and I think the clothes for little boys are amazing. I can’t wait to dress my little blue bump.

The other crazy and exciting thing to happen this month is that I already know the date for my c-section. Even writing it, I find it utterly crazy. I had to have a c-section with Mads due to her being breech and stuck and I had the choice with LL to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) or have an ‘elective’ c-section. I was so confused throughout my pregnancy but in the end I decided to have an elective c-section as I thought that we were finished at two children. But now I am having a third and due to the amount of scar tissue I have (I lost a fair bit of blood in my c-section with LL), my consultant basically said that there is no way he would advise me to have a natural birth.

I am exceptionally nervous about having another c-section. I wasn’t with Mads as I didn’t know what to expect and it was an amazing experience. With LL it wasn’t as straightforward as it took a lot longer and I lost quite a lot of blood, as well as the fact that I had something wrong with my canula and my vein tissued half way through. It was making me get upset during it and I was sick which was horrible as I couldn’t move, but of course it is all forgotten once you have your baby in your arms. But now I am nervous I have to go through it again, with my midwife saying I need to expect it to be a ‘bit traumatic’ as I have a lot of scar tissue attached and around my bladder. I am trying not to get worked up about it, knowing that if I relax it is more likely to be easier, but I can’t help it and I am already getting very nervous about it.

I had my first consultant appointment in my sixteenth week and it went absolutely fine, really well in fact. He basically said that he would need to monitor the baby a little more with regular growth scans from 28 weeks. This is basically because Mads and LL were big (9 pounds at 38+5 weeks and 8 pounds 12 oz at 39+1 weeks) and LL had to be pulled out by forceps (I didn’t know they used forceps in a c-section until that happened!) and I presume they want to monitor the growth of the baby to make sure it doesn’t put any pressure on my scar. But I am happy with that as it means I get to see him more in scans. Other than that, he said he didn’t need to see me again, so he booked my c-section then and there, although of course if there are any worries or complications he may well come before or after the date we selected. It feels very surreal to know already the potential date our baby will be born.

This pregnancy is a huge blessing to us all and although I am a worrier in pregnancy, I am determined to try and relax and soak it all in. I am loving bonding with my unborn baby boy and while I can’t wait till he is here, I am determined not to wish it away. I am very thankful to so far be having a straightforward and easy pregnancy.


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