Family • February 20, 2013

When Big Sister Met Little Sister…

I was never particularly worried about how Mads would be with her new sister.  She is an affectionate and kind little person, and also is incredibly independent so I knew that having a sister wouldn’t phase her too much.

On Tuesday I nervously lay in my hospital bed waiting for Mads to come and meet her baby sister.  We had two presents and a card addressed ‘To my big sister’ sat on the bed ready for her to open.  One was a Baby Annabel doll, ready for her to have her own ‘baby’ for her to look after her, and the other was a little teddy wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Worlds Best Big Sister.’

I kept looking at the clock waiting for her to arrive.  At around ten past five I heard little footsteps running down the corridor and suddenly a little face appeared behind the curtain clutching a present and shouting ‘For my little sister.’  She had been out with her Auntie Emma and bought the baby a new babygrow.

She excitedly looked into her cot and kept saying her name over and over again.  We made sure that the baby was in her cot rather than in my arms when she arrived, but we got her out and put her on the bed so Mads could hold her.

I have never seen anything like what happened next and it made myself, Mr E and my Mum all cry, in fact I was sobbing.  She held her baby sister, stroked her face, kissed her cheek, held her hand and stared at her with complete and utter love on her face.  We were blown away by how gentle and loving she was, she just was so affectionate and cuddly with her.



Opening Pressies.




I can honestly say that it was one of the most magical moments of my whole life, I felt so incredibly proud to be a Mummy to two little girls and I was so proud of my big girl for being so lovely.

Since we have gone home it hasn’t changed.  Mads adores her little sister, she constantly asks to hold her and give her a kiss and a cuddle, and she is incredibly protective of her.  The other day the midwife was over and she obviously was holding the baby and Mads was getting upset and asking her to give her back to Mummy.  She always says ‘hey hey baby’ when she is crying and she constantly asks to show her things.  She giggles whenever she has hiccups.

Sometimes we have to ask her to be gentle because when she tries to kiss her she ends up leaning on her, but she hasn’t shown an ounce of jealousy or animosity towards her new baby sister.

I am excited for the future, to see their bond grow and grow and hopefully they will become the best of friends.  I am so pleased that they will have each other.  While I am sure we will have our moments over the coming weeks as we adjust to being a family of four instead of three, I know that Mads will look after her little sister- after all that is her nature.

I will never ever forget the day that big sis met little sis.


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