Family • November 15, 2016

My Sisters and their Brother in November 2016

I know that I say it every month, but I seriously cannot believe we are halfway through November. While on one hand I want the time to pass by quickly, because we have things coming up to look forward to, like Christmas, on the other hand the passing of time makes me acutely aware how quick my babies are growing up. It sounds like a silly thing to say, but as each month goes past, I mourn a little that my children are getting older. I feel it hardest with our baby boy, as after all he is a baby and hitting the milestones seem that little bit more bittersweet, but I feel it with the girls too, especially LL at the moment as we count off the months until she starts school.

While I know each stage that comes brings new joy, new challenges, and new things to love about my children, I can’t help but feel like these baby and toddler days are our glory days, the days that we will look back on in years to come and want more than anything to relive if we could. I wish time didn’t go so damn quickly, yet at the same time I find myself wishing away the days till it gets to something we are looking forward to. I literally couldn’t wait to go to Orlando at the end of last month, I was so excited and counting down the days, but now it is has been and gone I wish I hadn’t been in such a hurry for it to arrive as now another month has passed us by.

Speaking of Orlando, late October was dominated by our incredible holiday, and indeed it means that much of early November has as well while we all adjust back into routine, catch up on endless amounts of work and washing, and just generally settle back into normal life after the excitement of our trip. I wanted to have a slow November, but while the first weekend back was a lazy one, the rest are shaping up to be pretty busy and hectic. As such I have been struggling to have time to take photos of my little three as even on the quiet weekends I have been so busy doing work or other bits and pieces. I don’t know if any one else finds this, but I find winter so hard to take photos, especially now Mads is at school. It’s pretty much dark by the time she is home and our house is pretty dark at the best of times.

As such these photos were taken last Friday afternoon, straight after Mads got home, before the girls and Jon headed up to Manchester for the weekend to see his side of the family. Our baby boy and I were off to Blogfest on the Saturday so had the weekend to ourselves. We put the girls in their pjs to head up there, so they would be all snuggly and cosy for the three hour trip and so they could be ready for bed by the time they got there as it would be past their bedtime. If you read this blog regularly you will know that we are working on a very exciting partnership with Boots Mini Club over the next couple of months and these are part of their range. I am a huge fan of bright colours on the girls rather than the typical overtly ‘girly’ things- Boots Mini Club have a lovely selection of bright and happy clothes and I couldn’t resist these monster pjs and dressing gowns for my monster loving girls. W is wearing his Mickey Mouse baby grow which he proudly wore to meet the big mouse himself in Florida a couple of weeks ago.

We snapped these photos quickly as the light was going, and then off they went, all snuggled up on an adventure with their Daddy. We had a lovely weekend just my boy and I, although I must admit on Sunday I really felt like the house felt so quiet. I do appreciate the little snatched moments of time I have one on one with my children, admittedly at the moment because I am breastfeeding it is more with our baby boy. However it doesn’t ever feel quite right, the house feels quiet when even one of them is missing. The three of them just work so well together. There are arguments, squabbles, so much noise, but it is always better when the three of them are together. I know that our baby boy missed his sisters as he was full of smiles upon their return. They are still so good with him and it was quite emotional to see how happy they all were to see each other, with LL immediately wanting to hold him and Mads lugging him round like she always does.

siblings_nov_16_i siblings_nov_16_h siblings_nov_16_g siblings_nov_16_f siblings_nov_16_e siblings_nov_16_d siblings_nov_16_c They were being monsters here. Obviously.

siblings_nov_16_b siblings_nov_16_aI just had to include this one as I just absolutely love it.


I sometimes still can’t believe that I have three children. I was in the hairdressers the other day and the lady next to me struck up a conversation with me about iPhones of all things and whether I liked my iPhone. She then proceeded to talk about how all sorts of different things, and then she mentioned she had a child. She then said to me ‘Do you have children?’ to which I replied back saying I had three and she looked so shocked. It does feel like it was always meant to be. Life is crazy, hectic and the three of them together are a force to be reckoned with. But I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.


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