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I cannot quite comprehend that it is December and my final Siblings post of the year. I started January 2016 with two little girls and a bump and I have ended the year with a beautiful happy baby boy. I couldn’t quite feel any luckier for that and it still feels surreal to me that he is here and nearly eight months old, yet at the same time I couldn’t even fathom life without him now. I simultaneously look forward to different things happening in the future, yet curse time for going so god damn quickly. I wish I could slow it down and breathe every single second of his baby days in. This has been the fastest year of my life by far.

It’s been ever so quiet in these blog parts at the moment. December has inadvertently become dominated by vlogmas. If you are a blogger you will no doubt know what vlogmas is, but if you aren’t it is basically where you film a video a day over on You Tube until Christmas Day. I genuinely am absolutely loving filming our every day life, it is a lot of fun, but at the same time it is literally taking over my life as every evening I have to edit that days video. As such I feel I have neglected my little space here, my big camera is collecting dust and I miss taking photos, although I did tell myself I would slow down for most of December (bar brand posts which are busiest in December) and also have a complete break from blogging over christmas and new year.

However I did manage to take a few photos with my big camera while we were at The Grove Hotel over the weekend. I will have a full post on The Grove coming soon, but we had a lovely stay together as a family. I am really struggling to take photos of the three of them together at the moment, I don’t know if other parents with babies will agree with me. Our baby boy has only just really started sitting up in the last few weeks and while he has in the last week or so got really steady, it is still quite hard to photograph the three of them together. Firstly it is so dark indoors at the moment, where you could safely put him on the bed without worrying about him falling down, and secondly we can’t do any outdoor ones as he is now too heavy for the girls to hold safely standing up, but it is generally too wet and muddy to sit anywhere outside. We did these few photos inside right by a window but it is definitely proving harder to photograph the three of them together at the moment. I imagine it will be easier either when the weather gets nice or when our baby boy is standing, but I am in absolutely no hurry for him to grow any quicker.

These aren’t the best photos, it is also proving hard to try and get all three to either look at the camera at the same time, let alone smile and in this mini batch of photos I took there wasn’t one that really jumped out at me. But that is life with three children I guess, Jon jokes that there is always one happy, one indifferent and one in a bad mood!

Of course December brings our boy’s first christmas, Mads 6th birthday on Christmas Eve, and I am now really counting down the days until the big day. I am so looking forward to switching off and enjoying some quality time with my little family. I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring my little trio. We started 2016 with two, but we can now safely say that three is most definitely the magic number for us.

siblings_dec16_a siblings_dec16_b siblings_dec16_c siblings_dec16_d


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