Family • September 15, 2016

My Sisters and their Brother in September 2016

As I type this, its 8pm and I have just this second sat down for the first time all day. The girls went to bed at 7pm but I can still hear them chattering away upstairs, although it is getting quieter as they start to get into a sleepy mode. Our baby boy is upstairs in his bed in our room, a recent development, that some nights goes well and some nights is a total disaster. I am so tired, probably the most exhausted I have ever been, but there’s no rest for the wicked- I have a night of work ahead, while I also need to express some milk as I will be trying him on a bottle for the first time on Friday night while I am out.

It’s the second week of term and we are tentatively back into the school routine after a lovely but hectic summer. I thought the arrival of year one would mean that life would calm down a bit and we would get back into the structures and routines that sometimes we actually thrive on. But the reality is we are as busy as ever. School does mean routine, but it also means that life has become a blur of rushing to get ready, school runs, and we also now have the arrival of homework and spellings each week, alongside the reading we already have to do. It already seems hectic and quite full on. We have lots of exciting stuff coming up and I have lots of work on, which of course is most welcome and I absolutely love it, but I don’t think I remember how to chill out and relax. That combined with the lack of sleep from a baby who likes to party all night, means I am honestly just so tired.

The arrival of school also means that after spending the majority of the summer together, our siblings are now split up during the day. Mads is of course at school Monday to Friday, while LL is at nursery on a Tuesday and Thursday. This is lovely for me as I get one on one time with the baby, plus quality time with LL- one thing I have really noticed is that spending quality time with each child is so important when you have three children. The other day I told Jon that I was going to take Mads out for dinner after school on our own so we could have one on one time together- but she wanted her sister to come along too, so in the end we all went. That’s a real indication of their relationship, they are so kind and loving to each other most of the time. As they are not spending as much time together, their bickering isn’t as intense as it was in the holiday, and for the most part they are both so excited to each other when they get home in the evenings.

As our baby boy is getting a bit more interactive and grown up, I am really enjoying watching them all together. Both his sisters absolutely adore him and it honestly is a delight to see. They both mother over him and it is so sweet. In the mornings they both rush into our room as they want to take off his sleeping bag. Mads has always been a fantastic big sister and she is just the same with him, but it is lovely to see LL with him too. She is really starting to come into her own and I think she secretly enjoys the fact that she can spend some one on one time with him too. It is so lovely to watch and it makes me so proud of them both. In turn he treats them both to some incredible smiles, especially Mads.

Our photos this month were taken at the weekend. We are still in the process of having a bit of a late summer sunshine, which is welcome as although I love autumn and feeling snuggly, it is always a bit sad when you have to pack away your sandals for another year. We decided to go for an impromptu picnic in the park and I snapped these. We ended up staying until past their bedtime on a school night because we were having such a good time. That’s definitely the sign of a nice evening, my little people just relish being outdoors. We got these outfits from a instagram seller called Turtle Dove London and I love them because they are ‘a little bit matchy’ plus I love the bird print for my little bird.

siblings_sept_16_a siblings_sept_16_b siblings_sept_16_c siblings_sept_16_d siblings_sept_16_e They always want to pick him up which used to give me slight heart failure, but actually they are very sensible with him. Jon was just out of the photo though ready to catch him! 😉 siblings_sept_16_f siblings_sept_16_g siblings_sept_16_h

Having three is honestly the best thing ever. It’s hectic, tiring and sometimes stressful but it is the best decision we ever made. I look at photos and now couldn’t even possibly imagine there not being another little person in the frame. It’s a privilege to watch them grow together.

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