Family • October 17, 2017

My Sisters and their Brother in October 2017

I had every intention of getting this post up on Sunday, but somehow life got in the way. Firstly the last week or so we have been all been struck down with those wretched transitioning into autumn bugs, the kind that we always seem to get when the children go back to school. Mads came down with it first but she has a (touch wood) got an immune system of steel and so got away with a mere headache. Then it was the turn of our littlest lady who had a temperature and a couple of days of falling asleep on the sofa after school. At the same time her little brother began getting very cuddly which is the sure fire sign something isn’t quite right and just as we suspected he started being sick, this carried on for a few days. Friday evening I felt a bit funny so decided to go to bed at 8pm (which is unheard of for me) and I ended up being sick throughout the night. I feel a little better now but I still feel a bit run down. We are placing bets on if and when Jon will come down with it. No doubt it will be just in time for our holiday in half term.

We are so excited to be going away in half term. It is something I have been counting down the days till, we couldn’t be more excited, but as such this last couple of weeks we have been staying close to home. Just to recharge our batteries, batten down the hatches and snuggle indoors. Our house is still a bit of a building site so it doesn’t make for the most relaxing environment, but with all the craziness that the new term has bought, we are all definitely relishing the slower pace of life. Lots of walks, lots of movie afternoons on the sofa, and lots of football practice/scooter races on the patch of grass near our house.

I took my big camera out on one of the aforementioned walks the other day. Sometimes nowadays I can be a bit lazy when it comes to my big camera, it is just easier to snap away with my phone. But I am so glad I did because I love these photos so much (also took lots more for another blog post which I will share soon). These three can quite frankly be exhausting at times, sometimes I long for bedtime, but at the same time it is just the greatest pleasure to watch them grow together. With every month that passes their bond grows stronger and I have so many moments where I sit back and watch them interacting, and I just get that feeling that can only be described as contentment.

It’s the greatest privilege to be able to watch them grow together.

Errr what happened to my baby? I know he isn’t a baby anymore but while he isn’t walking he still feels more like a baby than a toddler. We propped him up standing against this tree and he immediately looks like a little boy.

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