Family • October 15, 2016

My Sisters and their Brother in October 2016

There are two things that really spring to mind as I sit down to write my ‘siblings’ post for this month. The first one is that I think this month has been my favourite month so far with our three small humans. Don’t get me wrong, a part of me wants to cry every time I think that the newborn days passed us by so quickly, but part of me just loves how the three of them are now.

Our baby boy is at the most delicious age, literally wonderful. He doesn’t sleep much and actually the last few days he seems to have regressed to not being very happy about being put down again, but he makes up for it by just lighting up our lives and completing them in the most lovely of ways. He is really starting to pay attention to his sisters and watching his little face light up into the biggest beaming smiles when he notices them, especially Mads, is just heart warming to see. He looks at them in almost a sense of awe and in turn they are both the kindest most lovely sisters.

I often think I must make a note of the things they do, how they interact with him, the little parts of our day to day life as a family of five that make it what is is. Inevitably I forget because it is just that, those ordinary moments, those private jokes, those silly family traits that make up their life as siblings. As I sit and reflect on this past month, I feel such a sense of contentment. I just feel content and happy. Don’t get me wrong, our baby boy is no sort of routine yet, I’m so tired, life with three children can be stressful, and I often breathe a sigh of relief when they all go to bed in the evening. But at the same time, I truly feel like these are our glory days if that makes sense. That in years to come we won’t remember the tougher times, we will remember these sweet days raising our young children. We went through a bit of a stage with Mads towards the end of the summer holidays and the start of term, I just found her really hard work if I am honest. But we seem to have come out of that a little bit, she is still definitely the one who I find the most intense out of all three of our children, but the past few weeks she has been back to her wonderful little self. She’s intelligent, funny and a joy to be around, if not a little tiring.

The other main that springs to mind is these photos and how much I love them. I think any blogger who takes lots of photos of their children will admit that sometimes it doesn’t ‘always’ go according to plan. I would never ever take photos of my children if they didn’t want me to, as in if they were crying or upset. Most of the time my girls are pretty happy to have their photo taken. But at the same time I do occasionally resort to the odd bribe to get the photos I want. It got to last Thursday and I realised I hadn’t taken any photos of them this month. I did think about going out somewhere, but it was a little chilly and none of us were really feeling it. I could tell that if we went out it wouldn’t particularly be a success, so in the end I decided just to take a few photos in our garden.

It’s not the most inspiring setting, but I love these pictures. Jon made us a little seat when we did our garden makeover a few weeks ago and normally we don’t let the girls stand on it because we don’t want them to break it. But they were being silly and pretending it was a stage so I just took photos of them as they were jumping around. This jumping around then developed into musical statues, we put some music on from our speaker that sits in our dining room, and they danced away and giggled so hard. As I watched them giggling and laughing, I was further reminded about how these ordinary days we spend together are the ones we will remember the most. I remember similar from my own childhood, putting on shows for my mum and dad and dancing round the living room while they laughed at me.

I know that their little brother is missing in most of these, but I couldn’t help but take loads of photos of my sisters- they were having the happiest time. And then at the end I snapped a few of the three of them. These simple ordinary happy days with those natural smiles.

I know I will always remember how exactly how I felt when I look back at these.

Happy. Content. And full of love for my babies. Even though it isn’t always easy, it is always, always worth it.

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