Family • November 17, 2017

My Sisters and their Brother in November 2017

Recently I feel a little bit like I am doing a mediocre job at everything. I don’t know about anyone else but doesn’t this time of year always just feel a bit busy? Of course a lot of times it is in a good way, in the run up to the festive season. But I also just feel like I am running about here, there and everywhere and not really doing my best at anything. The house is a bit of a mess, I am feeling unorganised, I am behind at work, we are leaving their homework till the last minute on a Sunday, we aren’t eating that well, and I will go to get the girls a school jumper out of their wardrobe and realise that we have none clean. I just constantly feel like I am rushing from one place to the next, never relaxing and always on the go. I am pretty sure that is a general parent feeling at this time as year.

But at the same time I am getting so excited to the countdown to Christmas. Even though I am a summer girl at heart because I love the sunshine, December is by far my favourite month of the year. We have so many exciting milestones- our 8th wedding anniversary on the 20th December, Mads 7th birthday on Christmas Eve and of course Christmas itself, and I just love everything about the last month of the year. I’m taking my time getting our new living and family room sorted, but at the same time I am sort of frantically looking for the last few bits I need for it as I would love for it to be done by Christmas. This year we are hosting our first ever Christmas and it’s also another two firsts- the first time our girls will have ever had a Christmas based at our house and secondly the first Christmas in our ‘forever home’. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure. We have Jon’s side of the family here on Christmas Day and then we are out at lunch on Boxing Day but also having my family over for ‘drinks and nibbles’. I can’t wait to get the house all decorated and ready. While I don’t like the cold, I love the dark evenings where we can light the candles and snuggle up under throws.

Our trio have been their usual happy selves this month. They are so close and it is a pleasure to see, with our little boy desperate to get more involved in the fun the girls have. Recently I have noticed how the girls will now play for hours, they have always played together but I don’t know if it is increased because Lottie is more communicative and chats away more. Whatever the reason they will play for hours in imaginative games, the favourites at the moment to get out all their stuffed animals and play things like schools. They are still sharing a bed (even though Mads has got a perfectly lovely bed next to Lottie’s sharing somehow is better) and every night we sit downstairs and hear them giggling away like a pair of old ladies. It’s heart warming to hear and I adore how close they are. Of course having this intense bond means that there are also plenty of arguments, usually ending up physically at the moment, with one of them trying to give the other one a sly kick or a push when they think we aren’t watching. For the most part though they are the best of friends and so unbelievably close it is untrue.

I snapped a few photos of them earlier in the week when the light was going (it getting dark early isn’t great for photos is it?!) and I love them. I think if you look at these photos and had to say a word to describe them I would say happy. They just exude happiness in these and for that reason they make me smile when I look at them. Don’t get me wrong, three can be hard work at times, we always joke that there is always one in a bad mood (usually Wren at the moment who is only happy if he is eating- I swear one of the girls went through this stage as well when they were his age), but I can’t begin to explain how lucky I feel to have three little people in our lives. We changed our little boy’s car seat to a forward facing one yesterday and all five of us went out for the first time together today. Every time we turned round it made us laugh to see three little smiling faces staring back at us.

It’s intense at times, but an unbelievable privilege.


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