Favourites • May 15, 2016

My Sisters and their Brother in May 2016

Almost a month ago, on the 18th April 2016, my sisters gained something very special indeed- a new baby brother. It’s funny because while I could imagine having a new baby in the house, or imagine them being mother hens to their new brother, I just couldn’t imagine having a third little one in the photos. I am so used to taking hundreds upon hundreds of photos of my girls, but I just couldn’t imagine another person in the photo as well.

Our baby boy has just slotted into our family perfectly. In fact we were saying just yesterday evening that it feels like he has never not been here, but at the same time he is still so new. It feels like the girls have always had their baby brother here and he has just become ‘one of us’ no questions asked. They have accepted him without even the slightest hesitation. Throughout my pregnancy I had visions of them meeting for the first time and it was just as emotional as I imagined- this little person who I had wished for every single day for nine months was finally here and with my other precious babies.

We are only four weeks into our journey as a family of five, but already the girls absolutely adore their baby brother. They constantly want to cuddle him, hold him and just generally be with him. I knew that Mads would be amazing as she was when LL was born, but LL has been just as good too. Their tenderness and affection towards him makes my heart want to burst on a regular basis. Mads constantly asks to hold him, while LL has a particular fondness for giving him her Baa Baa or wanting to push his pram when we are out and about.

Of course, we are still adjusting. I wouldn’t want to paint this perfect picture that adding an extra addition to our family has been completely plain sailing. The first week he was born, Mads especially was incredibly overwhelmed. I don’t know if it was down to tiredness, confusion or just the fact that she is five and understands a lot more, but she was acting up a little- just generally being a bit hyper, speaking like a baby and not listening. Thankfully that period passed as soon as it arrived and she is back to her normal self again. But the one thing they have never done is show even the slightest bit of animosity towards their little brother- they have completely accepted him into the family.

I just want to burst with pride when I look at my three babies together. In fact I can’t quite believe they are mine. At the moment our baby boy is still so new, we have yet to discover what his personality will be like, but I already know that it is going to be so much fun. I cannot believe I have the privilege of watching these little people grow and develop together. We have so much fun and adventure ahead of ourselves and I have to pinch myself that this is our life now. Yes of course having three children will be hard work at times, it has already shown itself in part to be hard over the last three weeks, but it will never not be worth it. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop over the next few months. All I know is this little boy is incredibly lucky to have two such kind and loving big sisters.

The time ran away with me this month and I took these photos last night as the light was going. But I will absolutely treasure them. Bar the photos from when they all first met at the hospital, I haven’t really taken any photos of the three of them together, so I am so glad that I have finally got round to it. I still can’t quite believe these are my babies…

siblings-may-16-a siblings-may-16-b siblings-may-16-c siblings-may-16-d siblings-may-16-e  siblings-may-16-g siblings-may-16-h  siblings-may-16-j  siblings-may-16-l siblings-may-16-m siblings-may-16-n siblings-may-16-o siblings-may-16-p


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