Family • June 15, 2016

My Sisters and their Brother in June 2016

When I was pregnant I couldn’t really imagine what it would look like having our third child in photos with his sisters. I was so used to seeing them together, so used to them being as close as can be, that it really seemed hard to imagine having a third child enter our lives. It’s so funny how a baby just instantly becomes a part of your family, as now I can’t imagine not having him in these photos and he has only been in the world eight short weeks.

It’s been another month of new routines, new structures and new experiences as a family of five. Our initial newborn exhaustion has faded, and while we are still pretty tired, it is nothing like it was before. Just as I couldn’t imagine having our baby boy here with us when I was pregnant, I now can’t ever imagine why I thought that- he instantly just slotted into our family like he was meant to be a part of it. Like he was always meant to be here.

I am so incredibly proud of how his two big sisters have been, and how they continue to be, with their little brother. While adjusting to having three children is sometimes stressful or hectic, one thing that has never been stressful is the way they are with each other. From day one they have accepted him, loved him and cherished him, and nothing truly makes me prouder. Our house may be constantly full of noise, it may take me ten minutes to get them all into the car, I might breathe a sigh of relief when the girls are in bed in the evenings because sometimes it gets so intense, but it honestly all makes it worth it when I look at them together. It’s the large family I envisaged, these three little people are mine and I have given them the gift of one another. It really makes my heart want to burst.

Mads is such a mother hen with him, she truly is incredible. She constantly wants to love him, cuddle him and be with him, and she has such a lot of confidence for only five years old. She picks him up, rocks him and just isn’t phased by the fact that he is fragile. Weirdly he gets soothed by her, his Mama is still his favourite to be soothed by at the moment, but his biggest sister is the next person who can do it. He relaxes when he is in her arms, which I think is testament to their bond. LL loves him so much too, and constantly wants to hold him, randomly pat his head, (a little too hard sometimes to which we have to say be gentle!) and always says ‘where’s baby?’ We called him baby for so long throughout our pregnancy that at the moment neither of them call him by his name much! The difference to her and Mads, is that as soon as he starts to whinge or cry she passes him straight back! In the mornings they get up and the first thing they do is come and snuggle next to him in bed.

We took these photos last weekend. We went to the town just along from ours, it’s about a five minute drive away, to try a new little independent cafe that has opened. We had cookies and shared a huge milkshake, before walking down to the river to have a run about. I’ve not been taking my big camera about much recently, but for once I had bought it with me so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to snap some photos of them. It’s still a novelty to see photos of the three of them together, so as such I will treasure every single one. I love the tenderness they are showing to their baby brother, and I feel so proud when I look at them. I still can’t quite believe we have three children! It’s certainly hectic, but it honestly is all I could have wished for and more.

siblings_june_c_16 siblings_june_d_16 siblings_june_e_16 siblings_june_i_16 siblings_june_g_16 siblings_june_h_16

They were laughing in the last two photos above because he was doing a some rather loud noises in his nappy. What made me laugh was that when I got them on to the computer you can see from his face that he totally is!



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