Family • July 15, 2016

My Sisters and Their Brother in July 2016

I still really find it surreal to see these three little people of mine in photographs together. Of course I am here, living life with three of them and I can’t imagine life without our baby boy now, but still seeing them in photos together feels slightly strange to me. Yet at the same time when I take photos of just the girls it feels like there is someone missing. It’s a hard thing to explain. All I do know is that when I look back at my photos after taking some of the three of them, it never fails to make me feel like I am going to burst with pride.

It’s been a busy month for my little threesome. We went on our first holiday as a family of five to Majorca, and this is where I took the below photos. I absolutely love them- the colours, that glorious golden sunshine, the tenderness between the three of them. My girls are such Mamas to this little boy and it’s really quite lovely to witness. The holiday was the first proper block of time we have spent together and it was amazing to see how they were with him. Often during the week, the days are taken up with school and nursery runs, then it’s home and time for dinner, then the bedtime routine, and before you know it you realise that they haven’t really spent all that much time together that day. But on holiday they were together non stop and it was so special to see them enjoying each others company.

The girls have never shown even an ounce of animosity towards the arrival of their baby brother. Not a single ounce. They have accepted him into the family, they love him, mother him and protect him. Nothing makes me feel prouder. Mads is still currently more the mother hen of the two, she will pick him up without the slightest bit of fear, she will rock him and hold his hand if he is unsettled in the car. But LL has a real love for him too, that is developing more and more. The other night she said to Mr E ‘He is my baby Daddy. Mine and yours. Our baby.’ I will often find her snuggled up with him when he is on the sofa and actually if I think about it, she is probably more affectionate to him than Mads is- although they both love to cuddle and hold him, especially if the other one is.

They also both love to try and make him smile, while LL will constantly say to me ‘What did he say?’ if he makes a coo-ing noise. Another thing that makes me laugh is that if we are out and about and people ask his name, they will say ‘Baby’. I think they are so used to us calling him that during pregnancy that they find it funny to say his actual name.

For all the love they have for their baby brother, the relationship between them is much more fiery. They have always had the closest relationship, you can see that from a mile off, but the last couple of weeks their arguing has picked up a gear. They can have full on shouty arguments with each other, can get so stroppy with each other and some mornings I have found myself saying to them ‘You have been arguing all day. Don’t you want to be friends with each other. You are so lucky to have a sister.’ Some days they can bicker all day long and then some days they play together so well. I guess that is a typical sister relationship and for the most part they are the very best of friends.

These photos make me the proudest Mum in the world. I feel so lucky to have these three little people in my life. Life can be hectic but making the decision to have our little bonus baby is the best thing we ever did. It’s crazy, it can be stressful, but it’s never boring, and there is nothing that gives me more joy than seeing my three loves together.

Three is definitely the magic number for us.

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