Family • February 15, 2017


We are currently in the midst of half term so of course you would think it would be easy to capture some photos of my three. After all we have a whole week off together. Wrong! As usual, even though we have uninterrupted quality time together, it is busy and hectic. The first few days of half term have passed by in a blur. Firstly our loveliest little girl turned four on Saturday and as such we had a busy day celebrating her, with it also probably being the greyest and most miserable day weather wise of the year so far and definitely not fun for taking photos in. Secondly our baby boy has been poorly the last few days, I think it is just teeth but as soon as he gets even slightly under the weather he goes through spates of projectile vomiting constantly, so as such it’s been hard to take photos of them. Finally we just haven’t been together much even though it is half term, on Monday LL went to nursery as we have to pay for it regardless and today as I write this is Tuesday and she is nursery again.

I am definitely one of those people that gets affected a little by the weather, but I genuinely am getting so fed up of this weather now. Every day I open the curtains it is just grey, bleak and more often than not wet. Our house doesn’t get the most light at the best of times, but at the moment it just feels permanently dark and so depressing, not least for the fact that is impossible to take photos in. So after I picked LL up from nursery on Monday afternoon the three of them snuggled in bed watching the iPad and I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos. The light was rapidly going and you can see that our little man looks a little red round the eyes due to being under the weather, but I still love these few snaps I did manage to take.

Every month the relationship between the three of them seems to be even more lovely to watch. Of course our baby boy is growing up and becoming a lot more interactive, and with it that brings new dimensions to their relationships. The girls absolutely adore him and it is a privilege to watch. They both always want to hold him, make him smile and laugh and Mads constantly tells me that she loves him so much. Whenever we have lunch he will shout and make baby babble noises and LL will copy him and make him laugh- it’s just clear just how much they love him. I am sure that as he grows and starts to be into their toys a bit more there will no doubt be arguments but for the moment they couldn’t be any more loving towards him.

Likewise the girls are still as close as ever. Some days we can wake up and there will be non stop arguments and bickering from the moment we open our eyes, but for the most part they are so close. They love each other fiercely and there are days when their kindness towards each other stops me in my tracks and makes me have one of those proud Mama moments. They still love having a weekend sleepover where they will sleep in LL’s bed together, it started off being just on a Friday as a treat, but it has ended up being every Friday and Saturday as long as they are good. During the holidays for the most part they will basically have a sleepover every night as long as we don’t have to be up for anything important the next day, and as I write this we are on Day 4 of sleepover fun. I love that they enjoy it so much, it’s so sweet (and sometimes very infuriating!) to hear them giggling and chatting upstairs together, and I will always go upstairs to them snuggled up in each others arms or hanging off the bed in various different positions. I adore my sister but is ten years younger than me and I would loved to have had a little companion to do things like this with growing up.

Hopefully next month I will be back with some snaps outdoors, I am getting so fed up of being indoors. Roll on spring!

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