Family • August 15, 2017

My Sisters and their Brother in August 2017

I should start by making a confession. It wasn’t until I started writing this that I realised that I completely missed doing a siblings post for last month. I was aware I missed it, but it was my intention to take some photos and put them up later, however I forgot to do that as well. I get annoyed with myself for missing them, even though I always take at least a couple of my three together a month, I like to actually make an effort and take some for this each month. Still sometimes time just runs away with you and it’s hard to fit everything in, does anyone else feel like that?

As I write this we are currently in the South of France, on our second full day of a week long holiday here. We are doing something we haven’t done before, we are staying in a mobile home with Al Fresco Holidays. I must admit that I always automatically think of booking hotels on holiday, but when I was younger we did a couple of these style of holidays and I absolutely loved them, I have the fondest memories of our time in the South of France, so I am excited that my little people hopefully get to experience the same memories. There is something about staying on a campsite, in accommodation like this that just personifies the essence of family. Even though just a couple of days in, we have already had such quality time together. We are taking it slow, not doing much, just enjoying being together. It’s utter bliss and I can already tell that the children are loving it so much.

We took these photos before we went out this morning. I look at them and feel that funny mixture of pride while also feeling a little bittersweet that time is just going so fast. What is it about holidays that seem to make them grow like little weeds? I don’t know if it is the sunshine, the uninterrupted family time, or the fact that you take that little bit longer to study them, but every holiday my children seem to grow, whether that is taller or in terms of their personalities. I’m absolutely loving spending time with them. This summer so far has been wonderful. Last summer especially at the start I remember Mads being quite ‘hard work’, I don’t know if she was tired from her first year of reception, but she played up a little. This year, while of course we have had the odd moment from all three, has just been lovely. I am treasuring each and every minute of the three of them before I have not one, but two little people at school.

They really are my three amigos. And I couldn’t love my little gang more. (Although it is still near on impossible to get a photo of all three of them looking at the camera and smiling. I will let you into a little secret. In order to get our baby boy to sit still, we gave him a tiny piece of chocolate, enough that it wouldn’t be seen in the photos. Which is fine. Except it was half nine in the morning. Oops!)


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