Family • May 15, 2017

My Sister’s and their Brother in April/May 2017

First up before I start this post I have a confession to make. I missed my last month’s ‘siblings’ photos. We were in the USA at the time, on our epic California Road Trip, and I just forgot. However I am back and raring to go this month. And without the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s been another incredibly quick month that seems to have passed us by in a flash. Last time I wrote a post about my three, I was willing time to slow down as I didn’t want our baby boy to hit that rather momentous one year milestone, that has been and gone and he is nearly thirteen months now.

As a unit, with each month that passes they seem to get that little bit closer. The girls are already as thick as thieves and of course have been for a long time. But it seems our little boy is on a mission to catch up with them. As he grows older and more interactive their bond seems to strengthen. In my last post I wrote about how LL was incredibly cute with him, that is still the case, but Mads has really come into her own with him over the last few weeks. She is obsessed with carting him about everywhere, she chats to him and constantly plays with him- it is really sweet to watch. She has recently taught him to clap, and both him and her look so proud every time he does it. She’s just a perfect little mother figure to him and it makes me smile every time I see them together. When either of them are playing with him or cuddling him I make sure I stop what I am doing for a few seconds to watch- I want to make sure that I store up all these little moments in my memory. When we decided to have another baby if we were lucky enough, these are the moments that I wished for and looked forward to, and I sometimes can’t quite believe we are experiencing them.

We are all on the cusp of some big changes here with LL off to school in September. Luckily she got into the school Mads is at which we are all thrilled about. I was pretty sure she would do because of course you go higher up the pecking order when you have a sibling at the school, but because we are out of catchment there was still a small part of me that was worried. But luckily she will be joining her big sister at her lovely little school. I can’t quite believe that we are at that stage already, that two out of three of my babies will be going to school. Mads made me laugh the other day as she was lying down cuddling her little brother and she worked out that when she is in Year Six and her final year of primary school, he will be entering reception. At her school they have a buddy system, where someone from Year Six is responsible for looking after a designated Reception child for the whole year, but most specifically for the first term. She was joking about how if she got to be his buddy that they would cause trouble. It made me smile as I have no doubt that they will all be causing us lots of trouble over the years.

My photos this month were taken last weekend when we headed to The Ickworth Hotel for a lovely weekend away. It really is SO hard to get a photo where all three of them are looking at the camera, let alone smiling, but I love these all the same. Our baby boy is impossible to take photos of at the moment, he will literally look anywhere except at the camera and he is always just crawling off.

As these three are growing and changing it is definitely becoming a little crazy having three of them, three little human’s with three very different personalities and who fill our house with noise and chaos, and who make life incredibly hectic. But I genuinely wouldn’t change it for anything…

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