Family • October 15, 2015

My Sisters in October 2015

I must admit before I start that I completely forgot to do my siblings photos for this month. I do have some rather lovely photos I took of my girls that I could have used but I felt bad as I had already used them. My big camera has been a little neglected this month so I felt it was only right to go out and take some more, but leaving it until the day before when you have a big girl at school most of the day is never a good idea.

In my defence there is a lot happening here at the moment. Life is both a mixture of strangely quiet and insanely busy at the same time. It is exciting things thankfully, things I can’t wait to share soon, such as a couple of really amazing blog opportunities, but that coupled with not feeling 100% the past week or so means that I did forget to take some photos of my girls.

So we rushed out yesterday afternoon after school to take some photos. They are both in their ‘scruffs’, Mads is obsessed with her black and white Batman t-shirt that I bought her from Primark of all places, she would live in it if she could and she religiously puts it on without fail after school, while LL is in her nursery clothes- I never dress her in a nice outfit as it is guaranteed to get paint, orange food stains, dirt or any other random stain she has picked up from nursery. Still I guess it shows she is having a great time and having lots of fun.

Literally right behind my house there is the big long strip of grass that doesn’t really lead to anywhere. We often take last minute photos there and also have been known to have a mini photo shoot behind there too (here and here) so it is our go to place to take photos if we basically forgot and can’t be bothered to go out anywhere special. We snapped a few photos before coming in to have our dinner.

My sisters this month are just as lovely as any other. They have adjusted to not seeing each other as often while Mads is at school, with LL literally shrieking her name and giving her the biggest cuddles when she sees her in the afternoon, and their relationship has taken on one of adventure and fun. They constantly play together, with really lovely imaginative games. Their favourite at the moment is either ‘Daddy and Baby’ (Mads is always the Daddy and never the Mummy, I wonder what this says about my little tom boy) or ‘Owner and Dog’ where LL is more often than not the little puppy. It is very sweet to watch them run about and play together, although LL is still the boss. She often puts Mads in her place and makes her back down from arguments.

The arguments still happen on a daily basis, but most of the time it is just silly squabbles that are instantly forgotten. For the most part they remain the best of friends, constantly cuddling and wanting to be close to one another and I am thankful that they have such a lovely bond. The way they are with each other is definitely the best bit about being a Mum to two.

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This month I am sending you on over to Carie to see some photos of the fun she has been having with her little threesome!



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