Family • November 10, 2014

My Sisters In November.

As Mads and LL grow together I often find myself blinking back tears.  When I was pregnant with LL, I couldn’t even imagine the bond that my girls would share. From the second that Mads ran down that hospital corridor shouting ‘Baby’, I couldn’t be prouder of her.  Sometimes I will look at her and she will be staring at LL with what I can only describe as pure love in her eyes.  She protects her, loves her and is so proud of her little sister.

It’s not all plain sailing though.  They argue and bicker non stop, at the moment a lot of the time it is because LL wants what Mads has and hasn’t quite grasped the whole concept of sharing.  I will be tidying up the kitchen, or putting the washing away upstairs and will hear a commotion coming from the living room.  I can always guarantee the scene I will find- LL lying on the floor in mid tantrum, while Mads is usually holding something high above her head so her little sister can’t reach it.

But for all the bickering, it’s never malicious.  These girls of mine love each other and share a bond so deep already.  It’s the little things- the way that LL will see Mads after being away from each other in separate rooms at nursery and will run and hug her in pure excitement, or the way that Mads will whisper in her ear that she loves her and does she want to have a sleepover in her room.  Or the way that they snuggle in close together on the sofa or hold hands in the back of the car.

One thing we have noticed at the moment is just how much more they are playing with each other.  LL will follow Mads around and copy what she is doing.  They then dissolve into hysterical giggles as they run around together.  We have a new little routine in our house in the evenings recently, where Mr E gets back from work and we put some One Direction on the television and the girls will put on a ‘show’.  They jump around, dance and do roly poly’s and Mr E and I have to sit and watch.  I always get a lump in my throat as I watch them laughing together, I couldn’t be prouder of the little people that they are becoming.

Our photos this month are from our trip to Amsterdam (mainly as I didn’t really have time to take anymore- how is it the 10th already?!) where we truly had an amazing time together.  These two sisters of mine especially, running around and exploring together.

amsterdam with children 51

amsterdam with children 50

amsterdam with children 49

amsterdam with children 52

amsterdam with children 53

amsterdam with children 32

amsterdam with children 35

amsterdam with children 36

This month I am sending you over to have a look at Carie’s gorgeous threesome, I love having a peek over at her world as she has two little girls around Mads and LL’s age but has just added a newborn little man to the mix!


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