Family • November 15, 2015

My Sisters in November 2015

I had all these plans to take photos of my girls this weekend- we had been planning to go on a day out shopping and out for a family lunch all week so I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to snap photos of them together. But then we awoke to the horrifically sad news of what happened in Paris on Friday night and that, combined with the atrocious non stop rain and grey skies that graced us with their presence all day Saturday, meant that to be honest I just didn’t feel like taking photos specifically.

So I am ‘slightly’ cheating this month, normally I make sure I take a photo in the actual month, but these were taken at the very end of October. Sssshh! I love looking back on these photos of them on our recent holiday to Florida. Although only two weeks ago, it literally feels like a lifetime.

I feel so very grateful to have experienced these once in a lifetime moments. But I am feeling just as grateful to experience the most ordinary of moments too.

I, like everyone else am hugging my children extra hard this weekend.

My beautiful, precious sisters.


I love the light in this one. It was our last evening and the sun was setting while we walked around and reflected on what a wonderful holiday it had been.


My cheeky girls.


Enjoying a day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

floridaoctober15zzzkThis one makes me smile. Such divas.


This month I am sending you to have a look at Annie’s blog. She takes the most beautiful natural, stunning photos so I can’t wait to see what she has taken of her twosome this month.

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