Family • July 15, 2015

My Sisters in July 2015…

June and July have been ridiculously busy months for us, with trips away, things on during the weekends, school visits and a bit of drama in relation to Mads school place, and lots of work on too. But as I write this, the pace of life slows down a little for us all. We still have a few different things on here and there, but it’s not nearly as hectic as it was. I am looking forward to a slightly slower pace of life, and enjoying these last couple of months before our big girl starts school.

I am interested to see what LL will think of Mads going to school in September. I have no doubt she will miss her, but I also think that she will enjoy the one on one time with me as well, it’s something she hasn’t had properly before. We did try and put Mads in nursery on a Friday morning so I could have some time with her, but we ended up stopping it partly down to wanting to spend as much time with Mads as possible before school and partly because we were always paying for it and then she didn’t end up going as we were busy with going away or wanting to see friends.

My ‘Siblings’ photos for this month are of our recent trip to Stockholm, we spent a few days there exploring during the weekend just gone. Stockholm has been in my top 5 wish list of places I would love to go for such a long time now so I was over the moon and excited that we finally got a chance to go as a family. It was great fun and the girls were so incredibly good considering it was a really full on trip.

We bought our single buggy with us, even though we rarely use it at home, knowing from our previous adventure to Amsterdam last year that both would take turns in sitting in it, with either myself or Mr E holding a hand or carrying the other one. But in turns out that they both actually sat in it pretty well together which helped us no end, with Mads holding LL on her lap for the majority of the weekend. Of course there was the odd arguement when one of them wanted to sit at the back not the front, or if they were feeling particularly cross at that point in time about the possiblity of sharing, but for the most part we were really impressed with the fact they sat together so well on our full on and long days walking about.

I’ve got lots of photos from our trip to Stockholm that I have to go through and sort out when I get a minute but I just thought I would share a couple of the Saturday we were there. That was my favourite day out of the three, the sun was out for the majority of the day, and we got to explore a lot. These photos were taken at the end of the day, we climbed up some cobbled roads to get to a beautiful viewing gallery and on the way back down we took some photos on one of the pretty streets.

stockholm 2015o

stockholm 2015n

I love their faces and how they are looking at each other.

stockholm 2015s

I love this one as I think it looks like they are having a good old chat.

stockholm 2015t


This month I am sending you over to have a look at my lovely friend Keri-Anne’s beautiful blog. Her photography is stunning and dreamy, so be sure to head over to see what her and her girl’s have been up too.

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