Family • January 15, 2015

My Sisters in January 2015…


I can not believe it’s the middle of January and that it’s time to reflect on my sister’s again.  It’s been a hectic Christmas and New Year, with lots of rushing around yet also quality time together as well, and all of a sudden we are in the middle of January- the time is going so quickly.  Back in December I posted all the photos of a year of documenting my girls together and now another year is upon us, as always I wish the time would slow down.

Firstly I must admit to writing this post in a little bit of a rush.  I normally like to go out and try and at least get a couple of photos of them both with my big camera, but I am frantically writing and scheduling this post the morning before we are due to be going on holiday.  I haven’t even attempted to start packing and I am typing furiously in order to get it finished in time before we go away.

My photos this month aren’t particularly exciting, I only have a couple and they are just iPhone photos but I do love them because they show some real similarities in my girls.  They were taken on a very freezing cold day at Rutland Water.  I have more about it to come when I am back from holiday but we went on a wintery bike ride and family adventure there.  It was the coldest day of the year so far, with our car telling us it was minus 1 all day, and we were all absolutely freezing- the type of cold where you can’t feel your face, your little nose goes red and your hands and toes are numb, yet it was also gloriously sunny and so beautiful, with a white frost on the ground and a bright blue sky.

We stopped off at the end of the day at a little cafe to get a hot chocolate for me and a coffee for Mr E in an attempt to warm ourselves up.  We couldn’t sit inside because we had our bikes and trailer and no locks, so we wiped down a wet table and sat outside.  We said the girls could get a piece of cake or a chocolate bar for being so good all day, but they both wanted an ice cream.  We thought they were absolutely mad but they insisted and they duly sat outside eating these ice creams in the freezing cold weather.  When you are four and one it seems that any weather is acceptable for a ice cream treat!

My two daughter’s are so incredibly similar in some ways- they both have a ridiculously sweet tooth, they both are pretty laid back yet also feisty and strong willed, and they both love to wear hats and would wear them all day every day if they could.  These photos make me smile because they actually show ways in which they are similar, yet as they get older they are getting more and more different.  As LL grows so quickly, I am interested in watching how their relationship will change even more over the next year.

siblings jan 15 a

siblings jan 15 b


I am excited to be co-hosting the Siblings project again this year with some other lovely ladies.  Be sure to head over to Kelle’s blog to have a look at her two little ones- they are probably the coolest and most stylish kids I know and I am Kelle’s blog will leave you feeling inspired like it always does with me.  Check out her shop while you are there too- she does the coolest things for small people.  Also link up with her while you are there, next month you will be able to do it here, but I didn’t have time to sort my linky code out before I went away!  Also head over to Lucy’s blog for some more details about it all!


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