Family • January 15, 2016

My Sisters in January 2016

I’m back and very excited to be doing my first Siblings post of the year, I love taking photos of my girls together and I am determined to capture more with my DSLR and less with my iPhone this year. January is notoriously a month that drags here- so long, and a bit dark and gloomy, combined with a back to work and post Christmas comedown. This one is dragging a little, although we have a fair bit of excitement due to the fact we are in the process of getting an extension done, so I have been spending many an evening looking at interior bits that we blatantly can’t afford and imagining turning what is currently a cold damp shell into a new dining area and family room.

My girls so far this month have quite frankly been a delight. Their playing has taken on a whole new level and they spend so long together making up games and fun things to do. Mads is still the sweetest big sister, often ‘backing down’ so LL is happy, or doing kind things to make her smile, all the while being very protective of her. LL on the other hand, looks up to her big sister and constantly wants to do what she is doing. There is truly nothing that makes me smile more than seeing cuddle up to each other and want to be near each other.

I took these photos last weekend when Mr E was away for the weekend. I think because he works from home I have got a little spoilt and used to him being around, therefore when he goes away, especially at the moment when I am not feeling 100% and getting a lot more tired than normal, I usually dread it because I am so used to having the extra pair of hands. This weekend was no exception, it is mainly pregnancy that is making me feel this way, but I wasn’t looking forward to him being gone the whole weekend.

In actual fact we had one of the nicest weekends we have had for ages and had some good old fashioned girl time. The girls were just incredibly good all weekend, LL is normally always pretty good, but Mads especially was amazing. They were as good as gold with each other all weekend and we popped to a local soft play with friends on the Sunday and rather than go off with her friends, Mads didn’t leave her little sisters side- they played, cuddled and ran about the whole time we were there which made me feel a little emotional about how sweet they are together and how lucky they are to have each other. Of course they have their arguments and their moments, but I am so proud of the way in which they have this fierce and tight bond.

As I write this post we have just put them to bed and I can hear them chattering away upstairs together. I often get asked what it is like them sharing a room and to be honest it was such a smooth transition, it feels like they have always been together. The only thing is they do like to chat for a long time before bed, we don’t mind this as it is sweet hearing them chattering up their like a pair of old ladies, but it does mean that we have started putting them to bed sometimes up to an hour earlier so they can have that time chatting and still go to bed at a reasonable time. The other night Mads was being really naughty about something and so for the first time ever we took LL out of their room and put her in our bed to break up the kerfuffle- but they both sobbed so hard for each other that we had to give in and put them back. They now can’t get to sleep without the other being there, which I think is ever so lovely.

Our baby bump is kicking away as I am typing and I can’t help but wonder how his arrival will affect the sibling dynamic in our house. At the moment I can’t envisage all that much changing, as he will be so little and not so interactive for quite a long time and because the girls will still share a room and have each other to play with. I am hoping they will both become mother hen and fuss over him, I know Mads will do this as she always cuddles and kisses my bump, but I hope LL will do it too. I guess we will see in time, but I am almost certain that nothing will break my girls bond.

siblings_jan_16_a siblings_jan_16_c siblings_jan_16_dsiblings_jan_16_b siblings_jan_16_eBoth looking a little bit too grown up in these photos- slow down time!


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