Family • December 15, 2015

My Sisters in December 2015

I remembered that I needed to take some photos of my sisters at approximately 3.18pm last night. I had just been to watch Mads in her first nativity play and as we were driving home I realised the date and that I hadn’t really got any photos of my sisters together this month. (bar on our festive day) Cue a mad panic to get some photos before it got too dark. The reality was it already was too dark really, the light in our house is just awful at the moment, even in the middle of the day it is so grey and gloomy out that it is impossible to take nice photos in the house, let alone just as it is about to get dark. I had some photos to take at the weekend for a brand collaboration I am doing, but it was so dark out that I didn’t have a chance to take them all weekend- this weather needs to change soon!

These are a rush job and it shows, they are probably some of the worst I have ever taken of my girls- they are grainy, dark and normally in a bunch of photos I take I can find at least one I like, but there are none really in this lot. However they kind of sum up our reality right now. Life seems to be a mixture of frantically hectic and also really chilled out, but the quieter days are made for just that- being quiet and not for finding the motivation to take photos for blogs, or to pick up the computer to write a post, or share a photo on instagram. We are right in the midst of winding down for the Christmas break, with different things going on at Mads school most days, whether it being a nativity play to attend or even just a day in Christmas jumpers, they are all things that we need to remember to do. We are also in the midst of starting our extension which is just so incredibly exciting, but yet more havoc as builders arrive at the house most days. Added to this I have lots of deadlines for work that need to be done before Christmas and life just seems to be a little bit busy and my motivation is lacking in other respects.

I have mentioned this before but while I am feeling really festive in some respects this year, it is a different kind of festive to normal. Normally I would want to be out and about, enjoying the festivities here, there and everywhere, but this year I am honestly just happy to snuggle in our little home and watch Christmas movies and play games together. At home I feel safe and secure, and I just am feeling the need to be here even more than normal, I think this horrible grey weather doesn’t help my mood in that respects. I am really looking forward to Christmas, but mainly I am just looking forward to being at home with my little family, snuggled up indoors with the Christmas lights twinkling and feeling very thankful for our blessings. My mood is both thankful and a little bit melancholy too, but then it always is at this time of year.

I’m just over half way in my pregnancy with the third sibling in our house and while I am feeling a million times better than I was, I am also feeling permanently tired. It is as if my motivation has been zapped and it is hard to explain, but it almost as if every thing I do there is an invisible fog in my head clouding my brain and making me less active than normal. I feel really well in myself, happy as normal, and this pregnancy is going really well so far, but I just feel a lot less motivated and awake than normal. I wouldn’t go as far or be as dramatic as to say I am exhausted, but it is definitely the most tired I have felt in a very long time, if not ever. Sometimes my body is active but my mind is just sleepy.  All this makes me want to stay at home and hibernate even more than ever. I just want to be snuggled up in my PJ’s with my little family by my side. I find when we are not busy, either working or out and about doing things, the only thing I want to be doing is snuggling and/or having a nap!

We are yearning for the Christmas holidays here and as I type this, it is only four more sleeps until Mads breaks up from school. While I am sure there will be moments where I think ‘Get her back to school’, I can’t wait for a couple of weeks of not rushing in the morning, lazy days in our PJ’s and just some time together. We haven’t had any big blocks of time at home since the summer holidays as lucky for us we went to Florida in half term. Therefore I have a nearly five year old little girl who is almost as tired as her Mummy and who I know will relish some quiet time at home.

So here are my last minute, slightly hectic photos of my girls this month. But like I say it completely sums up life for us at the moment too. Hectic, busy, last minute and really rather ordinary but for the most part very happy. Happy and very much looking forward to spending some quality time together as a family over the Christmas break, with nothing but yummy food, our creature comforts and lots of snuggly days.

sistersdec15a sistersdec15b sistersdec15c sistersdec15d sistersdec15e

And finally as it is in the end of the year here is a round up of 12 months of my sisters together. Can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring them.


This month I am sending you to Lucy’s lovely blog. She is still in the newness of having three siblings and a new member of their gang, so I love looking at her photos of their new little line up.

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