Family • August 27, 2013

A Sisterly Photoshoot.

Anyone who knows me knows I am never without my camera.  I love to capture all the details of our family life, and I love to photograph my girls.  I want to record as much of their childhood as I possibly can, especially the natural, unposed shots.

However I also have a toddler who is at a stage where she isn’t keen on the camera at all, so I have to think of the best of both worlds.  Ways to get photos of her without her pulling a silly ‘cheese’ face as soon as it comes out, or worse running away and hiding from me!

I did these little ice cream photos with her a few weeks ago, and they were a big success as who isn’t distracted by sweet goodness!  This time however, I wanted some of her and LL together, which is tricky because LL still isn’t sitting up on her own yet.

I therefore took a leaf out of my lovely thrifty hunting friend Lucy’s book and sourced a cheap prop  perfect for ‘containing’ my girls  I found this old tin bucket on ebay for £12. It was only down the road from me so I picked it up a week or so ago.  Bargain!








I think these photos pretty much sum up our bank holiday weekend and I love them.

Relaxing, enjoying time as a family doing the most simple things.  Enjoying the sporadic sunshine with our little ladies.

My wonderful sisters.


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