Family • July 25, 2011

My Little Girl Is Seven Months

Dear Mads,

Yesterday you turned seven months- I honestly can’t believe it. I know I said that at six and five months, but to me seven months seems so grown up. You are over half a year old now. I love watching you grow and develop and turn into a little person, but I can’t help but feel a little sad- it is going so quickly- you seem to grow in your sleep and wake up taller every day!

So what have you been up to this month? Well you are certainly getting more mobile, you can’t crawl yet but you have a unique way of shuffling around that means you get across the room quickly. You are doing well with your sitting up unaided, but are not fully there yet as often you get excited and fall backwards.

In the last few days you have started saying Ma Ma, however it is generally when you are whining! I would love for it to be because you want me but unfortunately I think that it is just a word you have learnt and you don’t associate it with your Mummy yet.

You are being such a good girl with your sleeping, I can’t quite believe how lucky we are, and I keep thinking that it is going to change but it hasn’t yet. You go to bed generally between seven and eight in the evening, after having a bath with Daddy and then don’t normally wake up until between seven and eight the next day. You are also such a brilliant little lady when it comes to going in your cot in your room- you just go in there in the evening all smily and sleepy and then Mummy turns your sea horse on and you drift off to sleep. You make me so proud that you are such a good girl, I am sure that it won’t be like this forever as your teethies will come through and make you upset, but for the moment Mummy and Daddy are so pleased they have such a fabulous little sleeper.

You have such a lovely little personality developing, you are always smiling and laughing, but you also have a little temper on you if you don’t get your own way or can’t do something- you make everyone laugh because you throw diva like strops already. I certainly think you are going to be a handful when you are older!

Words can’t quite explain the feeling I have when I look at you Mads- I have never experienced the love I feel for you, I love your Daddy more than anything but I can’t explain how it feels to know that we have made you and I have helped you grow big and strong in my tummy. The love I have for you scares me sometimes, I would do anything for you, now and always. I am determined to make sure you have the most amazing childhood and life, and experience a home full of love, cuddles and kisses. Daddy and I are going to work so hard to make sure we can provide you with a nice lifestyle but even if we didn’t have a penny, I would still make sure you had the happiest life as because as long as we have each other, we have everything we could want.

Although it makes me sad you are growing so quickly, part of me is so excited about the future we have. I can’t wait to take you on your first holiday, to take you to the zoo and to the park, and on your first bike ride- we have so many experiences to enjoy and memories to make.

Mummy and Daddy are the luckiest people in the whole world to have you Mads and we love you so very much,

Love you always and forever,



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