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{Our Little Bird}- You are Two Months Old

To my Little Bird,

I cannot believe that I am already writing you your two month letter, I think because I was a little late writing the one month one, but it has come around so quickly. Time is speeding by and I want to grasp it with both hands and tell it to slow down. But at the same time I am enjoying seeing you grow and develop, become more alert and learn to do new things. Motherhood is such a complex range of emotions.

You have well and truly settled into the family now. In fact I cannot even imagine you not being a part of it. Why does that happen? You’ve only been with us such a short time but you have made the biggest impact on our family. Your sisters adore you, your Daddy looks at you with such love, and I, well I just simply cannot get enough of you. You are such a happy, smiley little one (although you definitely have your moments) and I can’t quite believe you are mine- this tiny little person I grew from the size of a poppy seed is now here and becoming quite the character- I couldn’t be any luckier.

We’ve settled into life as a family of five. Life is hectic, but we are used to it now. Even though we are in no sort of routine at all, we know your little ways now and we know how to work around them. I will be honest, sometimes it can be hard, but not in the ways I originally thought when I imagined having three of you. Before I imagined that it would be hard going out and about, or out at restaurants and other places. But actually so far these aren’t really that challenging. It’s more trying to balance the needs of you when you are crying, while trying to look out for your sisters too. I find the most stressful time is the period when your biggest sister comes back from school before they go to bed. You are generally most unsettled then, your sisters were the same at that time, and that is when they are their most hyper and crazy- it sometimes makes me a little overwhelmed. But other than that I feel like we are handling three pretty well so far.

You are generally a happy and lovely baby. You give us lots of eye contact now and the biggest smiles. Mummy still gets the most, you are a real Mummy’s boy now, but you smile at whoever gives you attention. It’s quite cute as in the evenings it’s almost like you wait for us to look at you, to give you some attention- I can see the anticipation in your eyes as you wait to flash us a smile. You do the biggest gummy smiles and they come straight from your eyes, sometimes if you are particularly happy you almost do a little wiggle and clench your fists- it is ever so cute. You still get unsettled from time to time, tell me a baby that doesn’t, like I said generally it is worse around dinner time and very early in the morning when we first wake up before you have a full long feed. You are getting so much better at going down  awake a little more, you will generally go in your chair or on your mat, but it still has about a half an hour period before you get grumpy again- sometimes longer if you are feeling especially content.

Sleep is fine. I am used to the wake ups in the night now and on the whole they are absolutely fine. You still stay downstairs with us until we go to bed, sometimes you’ll be asleep the whole evening, sometimes content alert and awake sitting on Mummy and Daddy, or sometimes a bit unsettled- there is no pattern at the moment. You will then go to bed and sleep until around 2 or 3am which is your longest stretch. Sometimes you stir with trapped wind around 1am but if I turn your Ewan sheep on you generally go back to sleep. You then have a little feed around 2 or 3, it is usually really short, only a few minutes, before going back to sleep until around 4 or 5 am- after that time you come in our bed and snuggle with me till morning. You cuddle up to me so close at this time, with my arms around you so I can’t roll over on you. I treasure these times so much.

Your sleep in the day is completely random and unpredictable. Some days you will still sleep most of the day and then sometimes you are awake a little more. You fall asleep in your pram really easily and will sleep a lot if we are out. If we are at home it is a little more hit and miss, some days I struggle to put you down, but then some days I can snuggle you up on a cuddly throw on the sofa and you will sleep there for ages. Or sometimes you will just sleep on me if its just days when it is me and you, or when your littlest sister is napping. It completely depends. Saying that, the other day I went into London for a work thing and Grandma came to look after you for me and you didn’t sleep ALL day. We were shocked! And then you slept the longest at night you have so far. But I actually prefer the night wake ups and you sleeping more during the day because it means I can either slow down and cuddle you, or get on with stuff I have to do.

You still love Mummy’s milk. It’s no longer sore, in fact those days where it hurt so much are completely behind us. It just comes naturally to us now, although I still get nervous feeding you in public in certain places. I am feeding totally on demand, the app that I used initially to record your feeds has been deleted and we just do it whenever you need it. Sometimes you can go three hours during the day, sometimes you feed every hour and I will feed you if you are grumpy and need a little comforting- but you never feed for long, twenty minutes is your longest but generally it is only ten. I love feeding you, it is my chance to sit down in a busy day, and I am so glad I get the chance to do it.

Clothes wise, you are now in 0-3 months, I think I probably put you in them a bit too late but I wanted you to get the wear out of your newborn things. It won’t be long till you are in 3-6 months, you are a big boy and growing quickly. You wore one pair of leggings the other day and I hated it, I thought you looked far too grown up, so you are staying in baby grows for the time being- I am in no rush to put you in outfits yet. I have no idea how much you weigh, third baby and I am pretty relaxed about getting you weighed- I can see you are growing and that’s all that matters. But you are definitely quite a heavy little thing.

I will draw this letter to a close now as while I am writing this you are sitting on Daddy and to be honest I want to steal you back for a cuddle before we go to bed. Cuddling you tight is my absolute favourite thing to do and as such I am neglecting my blog a little as in the evenings I just want to snuggle you. There’s nothing I would rather be doing. I also noticed when I came to put your second month pictures on that I hadn’t many taken any with my DSLR, oops! But I do take daily snippets of you with my phone which I put on instagram and also save for when I do our family photo albums- there’s still lots and lots of photos of you that we can look back on when you are older!

I love you my beautiful baby bird. Thank you for completing our family. Thank you for being all we could ever wish for.

Mummy xxx

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