Family • August 19, 2015

When you go past a Cornfield…

The weekend before last we had a rather lazy weekend. We ended up going for a late afternoon picnic as the weather was so nice. I stumbled across this rather lovely big open meadow with cows near where we live and thought that would make for a nice picnic spot. It was one of those funny stories that are only funny if you were there experiencing it, but all of a sudden about 50 cows starting edging closer towards us. Mr E kept saying ‘Oh cows are harmless’ but they kept getting nearer and nearer and were just staring at us. We had over 100 little pairs of  little beady eyes just never once glancing away from us. In the end we actually got a bit nervous so we left and ate our picnic hurriedly on the edge of the field. Definitely not one of my brightest ideas. But as we were heading home we saw this field so me being me asked my little threesome whether they wouldn’t mind stopping for a quick photo session. The light was golden and really just rather lovely.

It’s funny how photos you stop on a whim to snap in just a few minutes end up being nice. I really love all of these of my little crew…cornfields_15_aug_9cornfields_15_aug_1cornfields_15_aug_6cornfields_15_aug_5cornfields_15_aug_13cornfields_15_aug_15cornfields_15_aug_11cornfields_15_aug_2cornfields_15_aug_4cornfields_15_aug_16cornfields_15_aug_7cornfields_15_aug_3cornfields_15_aug_10cornfields_15_aug_17cornfields_15_aug_8I was telling Mads off for something and this is LL’s ‘Mads you are naughty’ face. She loves to tell her off!

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