Family • May 14, 2018

The Yellow Fields.

I think the world of social media, blogging and how we share things online has changed so much in the years I have been doing this. Or perhaps it’s just me and the way I share stuff. What I am trying to say is that when I first started blogging I would spend so much time going out with my ‘big camera’ to take photographs. Photography was (and still is) my biggest passion and nothing would give me greater pleasure than heading off somewhere with my camera and having a little photoshoot. I had no idea about photography before I started, but I got myself a DSLR and taught myself to take photos off the auto setting. As a result I have THE most beautiful images from when my children were babies and it is something I am so grateful for.

But I think the way in which we share and capture stuff has changed. Nowadays I am more likely to do a video of our days, which is of course just as great for memories as you just can’t beat recording video footage of their childhood days. Or my photographs are more likely to be less posed and more natural. I don’t know whether that’s because people (myself included) prefer those kind of in the moment, candid images nowadays, or whether it’s just because my children are getting older and don’t necessarily want to pose or have their photo taken like they used to. I find it a lot easier to capture a quick snap on my phone or take video of them where I am sort of there in the background without asking them to stop what they are doing and smile. I’ve been doing this a long time and I now realise the importance of being in the moment rather than just documenting the moment from behind my camera. As such I don’t tend to take my big camera out anymore unless we are away on holiday or travelling.

That said there is something that I still find so special about taking photos with my big camera. The colours. The quality. The cheesy scenes. Not in an arrogant way, but I feel like I have somewhat of a talent when it comes to taking photos, as does Jon (although I still set the camera up for him every single time!) and so sometimes it feels nice to dust off the big camera and actually use it. I still get that same pleasure of getting back from taking photos and putting them on the computer, and smiling at what I have captured.

My family are troopers letting me indulge in this little passion of mine, they really are. And while if I made them head out and pose in fields every week I am pretty sure they would soon let me know they weren’t happy about it, because it is quite rare nowadays they are more than happy to humour their Mummy every once in a while. So last weekend we headed out to the ‘yellow fields’, something which has become a bit of a family tradition over the years.

I love these photos so much. I am so glad we took the time to get out and take them, and I know I will treasure them forever. This little people of ours are fast growing up and I want to take photos so in years to come I can look back and smile at just what a wonderful period of our lives this was.

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