Family • November 15, 2018

The Simple Things…

There’s a little patch of grass near where we live which at the moment is covered in a thick blanket of leaves. Not just a few, it’s like a heavy shagpile carpet full of them. And where there’s leaves, there’s a Wren not too far behind wanting to play with them. We have been a couple of times recently purposefully just to play in them and his face literally lights up with joy, so the other day I grabbed my camera a little bit spontaneously and headed out to take a few photos.

I go through phases with my ‘big camera’, I think we live in such an instant world nowadays where more often than not I just find it easier to use my phone to take photos. However recently I have become more inspired to use it again, I used it on holiday in Orlando (I still have loads of blog posts to share on that), and it’s made me want to pick it up and capture more memories with it. While I love the convenience of my iPhone, you just cannot beat the quality of a proper DSLR.

Anyway Jon was with me as he hadn’t started work yet and he took a few photos of myself and Wren, before I took the ones of just him. I got them home and had a look and there were lots I loved- that doesn’t normally happen. But I think Wren was just so in the zone playing in the leaves he forgot the camera was there which is always a bonus as two year olds are notoriously hard to take photos of.

It’s a reminder that the simple things often are the ones that hold the happiest memories.

I’ll treasure these photos of him. Look at his happy face. 🙂

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