Family • December 2, 2013

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas 2013

I look forward to the first weekend of December every year.  It has fast become a tradition in our house, like in many others, that it is the weekend we put the tree and decorations up.  We have a whole day of festive activities and fun, and this year didn’t disappoint.

Our girls were little angels apart from Mads refusing her dinner yet again in the evening, but that has become standard in this house the last few weeks.  They were so well behaved all weekend which is always welcomed.

It was one of those weekends where you feel so incredibly lucky for the little things you have in your life, and the way you experience the magic through the eyes of your children.


Festive weekend boxes ready to be opened.


In their boxes were our traditional festive weekend Christmas PJ’s, two Christmassy DVD’s, some chocolates with finger puppets on the top, a bib for LL, and a magic key for Mads. I also got them two special friends to keep them company until Christmas time- an angel for LL and a Father Christmas for Mads.


Two new special friends to cuddle until Christmas.


We don’t have a fireplace and I started to wonder whether Mads would question this as she is starting to become more aware, so I decided to make a ‘magic key’ for Father Christmas to get in the door, wherever we may be.  I hope she will keep it forever!


Every year we go and choose a decoration for the tree- this year Mads chose a little reindeer and loved running about deciding which one to choose.



We then decorated our tree while listening to the obligatory Christmas tunes, she was so incredibly excited and kept saying ‘Wow our tree is beautiful.’  I did have to keep taking baubles off though as she wanted to put them all on one side.


Mads new decoration for this year. 🙂


Opening their boxes.



Obligatory by the tree photo.


Trying their new Xmas jammies on for size.


Looking at the tree with Daddy.


So begins the constant taking her away from the tree fun.


My little reindeer.


 And now as the weekend draws to a close, I am sat snuggled up on the sofa writing this post with the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background.

A perfect festive weekend.


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