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The Baby Diaries- Week Twenty Six.



Last Weeks News.

LL finally had her third set of jabs last week, we are very behind schedule to one thing or another.  She was a very good girl and didn’t even cry with the first one, the nurse was most impressed with her, but then she got angry about the second one and went very red in the face!  I think she might have a slight allergy to plasters as whenever they put them on the skin goes very red and inflamed.

LL turned six months old last Sunday.  I know I say this all the time on this blog but I cannot believe my baby is six months old.  In some ways I can’t imagine life before she was here, yet at the same time, life is passing us by far too quickly.  I am not ready for her to leave the baby days behind her just yet.

She is definitely teething, she is dribbling even more than normal, and wants to chew everything in sight.  She has had a few days where she has been a bit more upset than normal and we bought her some Nelsons teething granules which do help for a while.  Last week I also had to give her Calpol for the first time as she had a slight fever as well.

The biggest news this week is that LL has started weaning!  More about that below!


We had another bad week last week with LL being quite unsettled at night, it’s starting to make me quite tired.  She has got into a pattern of waking around 3am and then at 5am, which she then comes in our bed until 7.30am when her big sister wakes up.  She also has the occasional night of waking earlier when we go to bed as I think we disturb her.

We have moved her crib to the far end of our room instead of right next to me.  She is ready to go in her own room but as her room is next to Mads while she is still so unsettled I don’t really want to move her just yet.  Plus I am not ready for my baby to go in her own room, but we do disturb her as she is a light sleeper, so her being the far end of our room does help a little.

I decided towards the end of the week that enough was enough and that she wasn’t hungry but was using me as a comfort to get herself back to sleep.  I decided that I wasn’t going to feed her in the night at all, apart from 5am when she came in our bed.

The first couple of nights she was really unsettled and really cried in the night, which worried me cause I didn’t want her to wake up Mads.  Every five minutes or so I would go over to her crib and ssssh her, stroke her head, and turn on Ewan the dream sheep.  If she was really upset I would pick her up and cuddle her without talking to her and then put her down again.

As such we had a couple of really unsettled nights but towards the end of the week she started to get a little bit better and not cry quite so hard.  Hopefully we will see a difference soon!  It’s hard to hear her cry, but I know it will only hopefully be for a few days.  We did the same with her settling at night and now she either goes to bed asleep or wide awake and settles herself down to sleep.  It is just harder in the middle of the night when you are so tired yourself and you know that if you feed her she will be asleep within 5 minutes!


LL has started to be weaned!  We started on Sunday, on the day she turned six months, and went to the supermarket and bought a big batch of Veg and Fruit to puree. I am hoping to do a mixture of Baby Led Weaning combined with Traditional Weaning.  I like the idea of her eating purees but I also would like her ot eat lots of finger foods too.

She is still not really sturdy enough to be in a high chair so we put her in her bouncy chair at the moment.

The first day, on the Sunday, went ok but her little face was a picture as she had no idea what was going on.

From now on I am going to be doing LL’s Baby Diaries fortnightly, I wanted to record her first six months weekly but now until she is a year I will do them every two weeks.  Still with the same back drop and still in the same vest, which is getting very very small!


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