Family • June 5, 2012

Street Party Fun…


We have been feeling very proud to be British this weekend, and also very lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who love us as much as we love them.  The weekend has been full of fun and on Monday we went to a street party in the town I grew up in.  I only live 15 minutes away and it is where my Mum’s salon is.  It is the most beautiful little village.

The sun shined most of the time, there was about twenty five of our closest friends and family, including both our dear friends Emma and Paula who kindly look after Mads for us.  Mads therefore was in her element.  The turn out for the street party was huge, with so many people there.


My Mum’s salon celebrated the jubilee by hanging up their best union jack undies!


grandmamadsjubilee madsandgrandmawalking


madsunionjackshoes madswatchingjubilee

Mads looked the part in her Union Jack sequined shoes and little red, white and blue dress.


Even our hair clip had to be jubilee themed.  After all how often do we get to celebrate a monarch being on the throne 60 years AND get a 2 extra days off work?!


We had to go on a ride together just to test it out.


And then go on it again as it was so much fun!


We had an amazing picnic that we left in my Mum’s salon, the best food I have had in ages, along with Pimms, Prosecco and Champers.  A must for any summer celebration!


We had some laughs…


And were in awe of some of the things we saw!



We ate chocolate teddy bear lollies just because we were celebrating, and well, just because we could.

madsonchairjubilee madsben

She sat with the grown up’s and made future love connections.


And we were still there playing once the decorations had come down.


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