Family • January 27, 2014

‘Our Seeking Adventure Project’ – January.



There’s many things I wish to teach our girls, but one big one is that even ordinary life is an adventure.

Of course, we all get bogged down with mundanity at times- whether that be endless loads of washing, the 9-5 working week, or the fourth time at soft play in a row.  But when you are a little, everything is exciting and a joy to experience.  Playing boo behind the shower curtain, a spider crawling up the wall, or jumping in puddles are all guaranteed to bring smiles.

As a family we are very lucky that we do get to do nice things.  Not every weekend of course, but we do get to experience the odd day out, the occasional holiday and some very fun times.  We have to be careful about our finances, like everyone does, but do get to treat ourselves to an adventure every now and again.  This year is no exception, with various different dates booked into our diary- a holiday, weddings and days out with friends.  Weekends are made up of swimming lessons, parties and errands, and often we crave a quiet weekend doing nothing.

I have always had this really romantic idea of heading to the airport and looking at the departures board and just paying for a ticket on whichever flight is leaving next.  There’s something so exciting to me about not knowing where you are going to end up.  This hasn’t happened in my life yet, but before our girls came along we used to love travelling. I get such a buzz from experiencing new places and going on adventures.

Since Mads and LL came along, we just haven’t had the finances to go abroad bar a trip to Spain to stay with friends.  But there are some beautiful places in the UK that I would love to see.  When you are a child, everything is magical, it doesn’t have to be about spending money.  With that in mind we have decided to do a little family project for 2014 – ‘Seeking Adventure.’

Once a month we are going to close our eyes, wiggle our fingers and point to a place on a map of the UK.  Whereever it is we are going to go there on a day trip.  It’s not about spending money, far from it, it’s about showing our girls that even ordinary life is an adventure and that we can have lots of fun whereever we go.  It’s about opening their eyes to new places and making memories.  It’s about just being together.

It’s about taking a packed lunch, bundling two little tired sleepy heads in the car and finding somewhere new to explore.  It’s about forgetting routines and structures for the day, and enjoying somewhere different.  It could be far away or just around the corner.  We won’t know what we find until we get there.  It’s about teaching my girls that adventures are everywhere, we just have to look for them.

This month has been busy for us, so we decided that we would stay close to home.  We left the map on our section, closed our eyes, wiggled Mr E’s finger, and he ended up pointing near to a place called Ely, about thirty five minutes from us.  So that’s where we went…



Sheltering from the rain.


A cuddle over cake.


Checking out some fishies.


Causing mischief.


A stopover at Nana and Grandpa’s.

The only problem was we didn’t envisage the weather being quite so bad, and it rained heavily all day.  We had a look around, and settled on being warm indoors- finding a place to have lunch and a big bit of cake.  As such I couldn’t take any photos as my camera would have got drenched.  On the way home we passed my Dad’s house, so of course no adventure would be complete without a quick biscuit stopover at Nana and Grandpa’s.

Not the best start to our first trip, but an adventure non the less!  Next month hopefully we will have the weather on our side and will venture out further.  I’m looking forward to experiencing something new each month with my little family.


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