Family • November 18, 2013

Our Christmas Card and Ho Ho Ho in General.

It is now the middle of November, which means it is totally acceptable to start talking about Christmas.  Yippee.  I adore December, it is my favourite month of the year, and I am looking forward to all the festivities so much.

December this year, besides being full of festive play dates, grown up Christmas dinners with friends, spa days, and general merriment, is also home to our wedding anniversary on the 20th, Mads 3rd birthday on Christmas Eve, and the big day itself.  I can’t wait.

I have always loved Christmas, but since having children, it has become even more magical.  We had lots of family traditions when I was little, and I want to make sure we create memories and traditions that my girls will be able to take with them when they have families of their own.  I am sure I will talk about those in the weeks to come, but one of them is to make a Christmas card each year to send to family and friends.  Last year we bowed out and got someone to take photos for us, but this year I attempted to do it myself.

Armed with some festive Christmas jumpers, some fairy lights and my camera, I attempted to take photos fit for the front of a Christmas card going out to all my nearest and dearest.  Of course when you try and take nice photos of a toddler and a nine month old, it never really goes according to plan.  I don’t have a lot of room in my living room so couldn’t back up enough to get the whole of their outfits in the photo, Mads was under the weather and therefore didn’t want to say cheese, and LL was full of cold and wouldn’t stay still unless she was eating a glass bauble, which I am sure wasn’t particuarly good for her.

Still here are our attempts.





Can anyone say grumpy?





And my personal favourite- Mads pressing the broken remote control as she thinks that’s what controls the camera, while LL attempts to lunge out of the way.

An interesting choice for Christmas cards, but I am sure our friends and family will appreciate them all the same!

I have a few ideas of some bits and pieces we will get the girls for Christmas, as we don’t go mad, and we have lots of festive fun parties and days out planned over the next few weeks.  No doubt, we will share some of them on here.

The festive count down has begun!

Ho Ho Ho.


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