Family • October 7, 2012

My Week That Was #40

I sat down to write My Week That Was and I realised that this week I have hardly taken any photos- it must be the first time in so long that my phone and camera aren’t full of images.  I have had a busy working week so unfortunately my camera wasn’t out as much as it should have been.  So without further ado here is my very pictureless week that was.

Monday I was at work, it wasn’t very exciting but luckily I was nice and busy so it went quite quickly.

Tuesday was another work day- again I was busy which makes the day go quick.

Wednesday I worked in the morning and then in the afternoon I came home and did lots of freelance work including some Little Dish bits and pieces.  In the evening I went out for dinner with Kim from Triplets UK and Jennie from Kiddicare, it was lovely to see them and catch up.

Thursday was my day off so Mads and I met friends in the morning at our local soft play.  We had a lovely time and one of my friends husbands had the day off so he came along too.  Luckily he entertained the babies a lot so we could all sit and have a well needed catch up.  That particular soft play is quite tight to get up to the other levels and my ever expanding bump means that I can’t always go where Mads wants too, it was a good job he was there!  We had lunch there and then went home and Mads had a much shorter sleep than usual.  My sister came over for a bit and it was nice to see her, Mads adores her Auntie Anna.

Friday is normally my day off but I had to go for an all day meeting in London with my fellow Little Dish colleagues- therefore Mads went to Grandmas and I went off on the train.  I felt sad not seeing her for four working days this week, but I also enjoyed my day in London, I love working for Little Dish, it is such a fab job.  We had a great day discussing all the upcoming excitement, and we were treated to a nice lunch at Jamies Recipease.  I didn’t get home until just after 8pm, and my wonderful husband had run me a bath and had my dinner on the table.

Saturday we got up and I went over to my Mums salon to have my nails done.  We then went shopping, the idea being we would get some winter clothes for myself and Mr E.  As is always the way however, there was absolutely nothing we liked so we came away with nothing.  I did treat myself to a new book however, and I am already hooked on it.  In the afternoon I had a long bath courtesy of my husband while he took Mads to the park.  In the evening Mr E cooked his famous risotto and we watched the usual Saturday night TV.  Loving X Factor!

Sunday I got up and went to meet two friends at our local garden centre, so the children could run around and look at the animals and play in the playground.  We ate lots of cake and had a nice catch up.  We then came back and had a big tidy up of the house, it is looking very clean and tidy now- I am so lucky to own our little home, it sounds silly but it makes me so happy when I sit on the sofa and look at know that everything in it is ours!  Now Mr E is cleaning out the garage, Mads is snoozing upstairs and I am doing some blogging.  All in all it was a quiet but perfect weekend.



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