Family • September 30, 2012

My Week That Was #39

Its 9pm on Sunday evening, I have just had a massive X Factor marathon and caught up on what I have missed over the weekend, and now I am lying in bed writing this while Mr E watches a film beside me.

Without further ado here is My Week That Was.

Monday was a work day.  Enough said.  In the evening we went over to my Mum’s for dinner which was lovely- she had very kindly treated Mads to some new clothes and some Peppa Pig wellies which were just the best thing ever in her eyes.

Tuesday I went into work as usual but just as I sat down at my desk I got a call from Mr E saying that Mads had just been violently sick and maybe I should come home.  I decided that I couldn’t leave her poorly so I went home and we had a snuggly day together on the sofa which was just lovely.

Wednesday Mads was better so she went to her Auntie Paulas.  In the morning we had our 20 week scan therefore I wasn’t at work.  It was just amazing, all seems to be well with Bug and we found out that she is a little girl.  We are thrilled to be having another little pink one.  In the afternoon I went over and had my hair cut and coloured which was nice as well, it was nice to have some time too myself to read a magazine and relax.

Thursday was my official day off.  First of all my sister, Mads and I took the photos for my Pink or Blue post in a local beauty spot near us. We then went over to my Mum’s beauty salonwhere we enjoyed watching the drama as the bank opposite had been ram raided in the night and people had stolen the cash machine.  We watched the action unfold as there were police everywhere.  It is a tiny, beautiful village so reminded me a little of Hot Fuzz.  I had a facial which was just lovely and my waxing done which wasn’t so nice!  Mads and I then went home and she had a long sleep which was relaxing for Mummy!

Friday, Mads went over to Emma’s house.  She normally has her on a Tuesday but because she was poorly it meant we had an extra day together, and it meant I could sort myself out in time for the Mad Blog Awards.  I pottered around and did errands, including taking my car in to have its tyres changed- when I picked it up and went to pay I found out my stepdad had rung up and paid for me- it was a lovely surprise.  I got the train into London and made my way to the hotel for the Mad Blog Awards.  The whole evening was good fun, and I loved my dress which was very kindly given to me by John Lewis.  I unfortunately didn’t win any of the categories I was in, but to be honest I didn’t expect to0 considering I was up against very popular bloggers.  I was just thrilled to be there and to have been a finalist in not one, but three categories.  I got the late train home and got in about half one.

Saturday we made our way to Shropshire to see my Grandparents for the weekend.  I always love going there because I spent so many wonderful holidays there as a child.  We spent the day at their house and my Dad and his wife, and my Uncle was there too, so we relaxed, caught up and ate lots of cake.  We also went for a walk where I used to love going when I was little.  In the evening we had a chinese takeaway and then we went back to our hotel about 8pm.

Sunday we got up and went back over to my Grandparents house, we hadn’t stayed as they are both very old and we didn’t want to add any stress to them, but we back nice and early for breakfast.  My uncle made us all omlettes which were lovely and we played in the garden and helped do some gardening before heading home.  In the afternoon we bought some bits for Mads big girl room and also relaxed and caught up on X Factor.  It was one of those lovely weekends which make you exceptionally thankful for family.


And that was My Week That Was.

If you would like to join up and tell us about your week (or show us your week in photos) the linky is open and will remain open until next Sunday so feel free to join up at any time- doesn’t just have to be on a Sunday.  You can grab the badge too.  Have a good week.


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