Family • September 23, 2012

My Week That Was #38

I am sat here and the weather is dreadful- the rain is pelting down outside, and today is the first day I dusted off my boots and got them out the cupboard.  I think Autumn is well and truly upon us.

Without further ado here is My Week That Was.

Monday was a work day but I had a half day holiday in the afternoon.  I met my Mum, Mads and Auntie Paula in town and we went shopping for my Mad Blog Awards dress.  I had £250 to spend on an outfit courtesy of John Lewis which was just so exciting- I had a meeting with a fashion advisor and together we picked out a lovely LBD for the awards.  It isn’t something I would usually wear and it doesn’t sound as glam as some of the others but I wanted something I could wear again.  I also managed to get some shoes and a fair bit of expensive make up so all in all it was a very fun afternoon.  We also went for some lunch at Giraffe which is my favourite baby friendly place for Mads.

Tuesday was another work day but without the added fun of a holiday day!

Wednesday I worked in the morning and I came home in the afternoon and did some freelance work, and some blogging.  I also managed to fit in a little nap which was rather nice.

Thursday was my day off and Mads and I met my good friend and her son for a bit of soft play fun and some lunch.  We had a great time, although I encountered a soft play devil child which made me quite cross.  We then came home and I put Mads down for a nap, although she didn’t sleep as long as she normally did which was annoying.

Friday we went over to my Mum’s salon in the morning and I had my nails and my toenails done, it is lovely to be pampered while Mads gets looked after by Grandma, I don’t think many people get to relax in a beauty salon while their child has fun!  In the afternoon we came home and luckily this time Mads did snooze for longer, so I had a little sleep too.

Saturday we went car shopping in the morning, just to have a look at our options as we want to get a new car sometime soon.  We then went over to my close friend’s to see my god daughter and also to have our car serviced by her husband who is a mechanic.  We then came home and had a nice evening, my little sister came over and we had Dominoes pizza and lots of chocolate, while watching X Factor.

Sunday we went shopping and did some bits and pieces in the morning, and then in the afternoon my Grandpa and Nana had Mads while Mr E and I had a date afternoon.  Mr E and I had a lovely afternoon, we got some lovely news which no doubt I will share soon, and then we sat in Costa and had hot chocolate and cake and chatted for hours.  We then went and had a drink with my Dad for a bit to pick up Mads, I adore seeing him playing with her as it shows me what he was like with me when I was little.  We then came home, put Mads to bed and as we speak Mr E is cooking risotto and we are going to chill out and watch X Factor.


 And that was My Week That Was.

If you would like to join up and tell us about your week (or show us your week in photos) the linky is open and will remain open until next Sunday so feel free to join up at any time- doesn’t just have to be on a Sunday.  You can grab the badge too.  Have a good week.


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