Family • August 5, 2012

My Week That Was #31

This week has been a lovely one, and we have just returned from a fantastic weekend in Brighton.  I have unpacking and washing to do as is always the way after a nice break.  Without further ado here is My Week That Was…

Monday was a work day which wasn’t very fun, and my Mother In Law was still staying with us, so in the evening we went up to my Mums for a meal.  Mads spent ages entertaining us on her rocking horse she has there.

Tuesday was another work day, and nothing of any interest happened at all, although luckily I had a report to work on so the day went quickly for once.  In the evening my sister came over and we had Dominoes and caught up on the trash tv that I didn’t watch while my Mother in Law was there.

Wednesday was a work day in the morning, and then in the afternoon I came home and did some freelance work/tidied the house/sat on my bum.  In the evening we went over to my Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner which was lovely, Mads was on great form and was entertaining us all with her silly faces and giggles.  She really is at such a great age.

Thursday was my day off.  We had two of our friends and their toddlers over in the morning and we got the garden toys out as it was a sunny morning.  In the afternoon Mads had a nice long sleep and I got on with some tidying and bits and pieces.

Friday we got up bright and early and drove to Brighton. Having never been I was very excited for our weekend away.  The weather was predicted rain but when we got there the sun was shining.  We checked in to our hotel before having huge burgers for lunch.  We then walked around and chilled out on the beach, before tackling the pier.  In the evening we had dinner out before putting Mads to sleep in our bathroom so we didn’t disturb her!

Saturday was another day in Brighton.  In the morning we went to a local swimming pool which had rapids, slides, outdoor pools and lots of fun mini pools.  Mads was in her element, I never see her quite as happy as when we are at swimming.  We stayed in until we were prunes and then had some lunch.  In the afternoon we went for a walk to a local beauty spot, Devils Dyke, which was very pretty, and then went on the beach again.  In the evening we went out for dinner again before crashing out in our hotel room and watched the Olympics.

Sunday the lovely weather unfortunately turned so we decided to leave Brighton earlier than expected.  We had time for one last walk about and then set off on the journey home.  It took a long time, and we encountered a lot of queues and accidents which make me feel very sad.  We got home and I made homemade pizza for this weeks ‘disaster chef’ recipe.  It was very tasty and I got the dough just right which I was pleased about.  Now Mr E is doing some work and I am doing this while waiting for the 100m final to come on.


And that was My Week That Was.

If you would like to join up and tell us about your week (or show us your week in photos) the linky is open and will remain open until next Sunday so feel free to join up at any time- doesn’t just have to be on a Sunday.  You can grab the badge too.  Have a good week.


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