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My Week That Was #25

My Week That Was had a little holiday last week over at Mummy Mishaps as I was sunning myself on my holidays.  Thanks to Jenny for hosting it for me.  This week is going to be a bit short and sweet as I am super tired after Brit Mums Live this weekend and just want to snuggle on the sofa with my hubby and read my book.  I am reading ’50 Shades of Grey,’ it is as badly written as everyone says but I am completely addicted.

Without further ado here is My Week That Was…

Monday I woke up to blazing hot sun and a view of the sea.  That is because I was still on my holidays in Spain.  In the morning we went to the beach, and I took my DSLR down there under strict disapproval from Mr E.  I took our little compact camera with us to the beach most days but as we were only going for the morning I snuck the big one down there.  I ended up being paranoid about sand but luckily my second baby was ok.  In the afternoon we chilled out by the pool in our apartment, Mads loved the pool but wasn’t so sure about the sea because a wave knocked her over.

Tuesday was our last full day of our holiday.  We spent the morning at the beach again, and Mr E and I built a rather impressive sandcastle mansion which Mads insisted on trying to knock down.  We had one last swim at the pool when we got home and then went out for dinner before packing up to come home.  We had a wonderful holiday and it was lovely to go with our friends.

Wednesday morning we got up and packed up the last of our stuff before going to the airport to get our flight back to the UK.  The plane ride was very bumpy and as I hate flying I wasn’t very impressed.  At one point the toilets weren’t flushing and we were told that we may have to emergency land and so I really wasn’t very happy.  Luckily after resetting the system they were ok.  We got home to a lovely surprise as my Dad and his wife had worked so hard redoing our garden for us- we now have a little patio at the back in order to get the sun and some lovely garden furniture.  They also returfed some grass for us and generally tidied it up for us.  It very nearly made me cry, they are the best.

Thursday was a bit of a washing/tidying day, but I also managed to go over to my Mum’s salon and have my nails done.  We chilled out in the afternoon and I packed my bag for Brit Mums.

Friday I was up nice and early and on the train to London for a weekend full of blogging fun at Brit Mums Live.  I was one of the first at the venue as I was taking part in the Brit Mums focus group before the session- it was interesting and I enjoyed it.  The conference kicked off around 2pm and passed in a blur of seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  On Friday evening we went to All Bar One with a few of my lovely blogging friends including Lucy, Alice, Kerry, Emma, Helen and a new blogging friend Fi.  The evening was very amusing indeed.

Saturday was the second day of the conference.  It again passed in a whirl of sessions, meeting lots of people I have been chatting to for ages, and eating lots of cake.  By far my favourite session of the day was the key note at the end, we heard some incredibly moving posts from some amazing and inspirational bloggers.  I am not ashamed to admit I had tears falling down my face.  There were also posts that made us laugh out loud too- it was a fabulous end to the day.  Everyone I met was so lovely and it was great to get to see people, although some I didn’t speak to as much as I would have liked.

Sunday I woke up so early and was itching to wake up Mads and give a huge hug.  Eventually she woke up and her face lit up when she saw me come in to get her from her cot- major heart warming moment.  I have to admit to spending ALL day in my pj’s- I tidied the house from top to bottom, snuggled on the sofa and played with Mads, with Mr E helping me lots.  Now I am chilling out, writing this post while Mr E is watching the football, and then I am going to snuggle in bed, read my book and have an early night ready for work tomorrow.


And that was My Week That Was.

If you would like to join up and tell us about your week (or show us your week in photos) the linky is open and will remain open until next Sunday so feel free to join up at any time- doesn’t just have to be on a Sunday.  You can grab the badge too.  Have a good week.


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