Family • May 13, 2012

My Week That Was #19


I am a little sleepy tired tonight so this weeks that was needs no introductions.

Without further ado here is My Week That Was.


Monday was a bank holiday which was rather lovely so no work for me.  We went into Cambridge for the day and my friend from University Claire and her boyfriend came from London to see us.  Claire was one of the three bridesmaids at our wedding.  The weather was horrible but we went for a yummy lunch at Revolution. (who knew that they would be so good for children.)

Tuesday was ‘a work day.’  The least we say about that the better.  The most exciting part of my day was the jacket potato I had for dinner.  Enough said.

Wednesday morning was a work day.  Then in the afternoon I came home and had the afternoon to myself as Mads goes to her Auntie Paula’s all day on a Wednesday from this week onwards.  It was lovely having some time to myself but I am going to have to spend it doing freelance work.

Thursday was a fabulous day.  I woke up early on Thursday morning to find a barrage of tweets on my iPad from various ladies on twitter.  I found out that I had been chosen as a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards.  I didn’t think in a million years that I would be chosen as a finalist, let alone in THREE categories.  I am over the moon- this blog means so much to me.  We celebrated by going to baby gym with our friends and then over to my Mum’s salon to get my nails done for Cybher.

Friday morning we had two of Mad’s little friends over for a playdate.  They caused carnage in the house, and my friend bought over cake and lunch for us which was rather nice.  In the afternoon we went into town to run some errands and get Mad’s first ever passport photo done for our holiday in June.  I had to bribe her with a breadstick and you can see that her mouth is full in the photo- classic!

Saturday needs no introductions- it was Cybher.  I had a great day catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  The conference itself was great, and I really enjoyed it- it was lovely meeting some bloggers who I have been chatting to for ages.  In the evening I went for a meal at Zizzi’s with Lucy and Jess, they are both lovely and we had a really nice night.

Sunday was spent relaxing.  My wonderful hubby spent some time sorting out our garden- it is by no means finished yet though.  My dad and his wife also came over to help us for a bit too.  We had a very grumpy Mads too so we all went for a walk on her little trike and sat and had a mini picnic in the park.  In the late afternoon Mads and I went over to see a friend and her son to give Mr E a little break from the wailing grumpy banshee- we went to play on the swings and watch her husband play cricket.  It was lovely and Mads had a ten minute sleep in the car and soon perked up.



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