Family • April 15, 2012

My Week That Was #15


I know I say it every week but I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by.  Although I don’t like time going too fast because I don’t want Mads to grow up too quickly, at the same time I am excited about all the things we have going on in May and June.

Without further ado here is My Week That Was…

Monday was thankfully the bank holiday which meant no work for me.  I took Mads to a soft play place in the morning with three friends so Mr E could get some work done- it was full of older kids and was far too busy so we didn’t enjoy it that much.  In the afternoon I did some freelance work while Mr E played with Mads and then in the evening we went over to my Mum’s for dinner.  We had a lovely time and Mads was spoiled by my step sister and my Mum who bought her 4 Disney DVD’s instead of Easter eggs.

Tuesday I was back at work and it was very boring, I do miss my old job role where I was challenged and motivated, I find the work a bit mundane nowdays- I think that is why I keep super busy with my freelance stuff.  Nothing much of any interest happened at all.

Wednesday I worked in the morning and then came back and went to a local farm and country centre with Mads, my sister and my friend and her son.  We had a great time feeding the cows and baby lambs, and stroking the big Shire horses.  Mads was very brave and fed them herself, I was trying not too be an uptight Mummy and let the cow lick her hand- I soon washed it though!  There was a soft play area there and we also had a picnic and an ice cream.

Thursday I went over to my friends house in the morning and a few of my NCT girls were there too.  We were remarking how much manic it is now they are older- they were running around, throwing things, tripping over and shouting- I had a headache by the end of it!  We then came home and Mads had a nice sleep and in the afternoon we went over to Kiddicare to buy a carseat for the lady who has Mads on a Monday.  That is the third one we have bought now.  They are so helpful at Kiddicare, and every time I go I am amazed at how much they know.

Friday was spent not doing much which was just what we needed.  We had a morning at home, Mads had a nice long nap so I did some housework and then sat on twitter and watched This Morning.  I never really get a chance to relax so it was nice.  Then in the afternoon we went over to my Mum’s salon and I had my nails done and had waxing done for the very first time.  I squealed like a baby and didn’t like it at all.  In the evening we relaxed and Mr E cooked risotto.

Saturday I got up early and went into London for the Save the Children blogging conference.  It was really inspiring and humbling, and after hearing the stories of children in places like Bangladesh and Nambia, you realise just how lucky you really are.  I met a few bloggers who were all lovely but I really enjoyed spending the day with Lucy and Jess.  After the conference we went for a drink together and then Jess had to catch her train so myself and Lucy went out for some Mexican food.  We had such a lovely evening putting the world to rights.

Sunday was spent in Suffolk at my seven month old goddaughters christening.  Apart from a mad rush to get over there as we thought we were going to be late, we had a lovely time and I am very honoured to be a godmother.  Mads looked very pretty in her little dress again, although I think she may be teething as she is a bit grumpy.  I also feel like I am coming down with something too.


And that was My Week That Was…

If you would like to join up and tell us about your week the linky is open and will remain open until next Sunday so feel free to join up at any time- doesn’t just have to be on a Sunday.  You can grab the badge too.  Have a good week.


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