Family • January 8, 2012

My Week That Was #1


So the first week of 2012 is over and we have another 51 weeks of the year to look forward too.  I have decided to do a new weekly thing on my blog to help me look back and remember 2012, even the little things that we don’t normally document.  Life is so busy and it would be nice to remember it- not just the nice days out, or the celebrations.  After all this is what my blog is for- a journal of our life.  They can be big things, little things or something completely tiny, but whatever they are things that made my week- whether happy, annoying, meaningful or pointless.

So for the first time in 2012 here is my week that was…

Mr E took us out for some breakfast on Sunday, we had croissants and pastries and then went for awalk along the river.  We haven’t been out for breakfast for ages so was a nice surprise.


On Tuesday we went to my Mum’s for dinner and I am positive that Mads said her first audible word in a response to something we said.  I was asking her ‘Where is Grandma? etc and she kept saying ‘there’.  We will have to wait and see if she was actually saying it!

On Wednesday Mads and I went for our weekly afternoon out with my friend and her son, we went to baby gym and then went for a drink and snack.  Mads had her first meltdown over the fact she wanted some of H’s garlic bread even though she was holding her own.  Her face was a picture and I know its bad but I couldn’t help laugh.  She even had her first kiss– after having garlic.  Bad move Mads.



Mr E made me a very happy lady by completely redesigning my blog- I love the new style.



I started a new book ‘The Woods’ by Harlan Coban.

I started my attempt to be a better cook by cooking a chilli- I know not the most challenging but its a start!  It tasted nice if not a little spicy.

I started my 366 photo project– I have managed to not fail so far.

Found this and really would love it for Mads room- it is my favourite quote and I wrote it in the first letter I wrote to her the day before she was born.  It brought back goosebumps seeing it again.

Mads tried drawing for the first time- she didn’t really have a clue what she was doing!

I discovered Pinterest…and promptly became addicted.

Had a slightly poorly girl who has been on antibiotics- been very clingy and cuddly, which if I am honest I didn’t mind.

And that was my week that was.


After a few people mentioned that they quite liked the idea of doing this too I have added it as a linky- if you want to join up feel free- lets remember the simple things that make our week!  I will keep it open until next Sunday and then will start a new one for Week 2!


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