Family • January 29, 2013

Miscellaneous Memories #2

Following on from my last Miscellaneous Memories, here are the latest photos from the little life of us, taken with my DSLR.  They perhaps aren’t exciting enough to dedicate a whole post to them, but they are the little moments that I like to remember…


We got Play-doh for Christmas but hadn’t got it out the box yet.  She had so much fun making things and asking Mummy to make things too including people, carrots and pizza!  She sat quietly and played for a whole hour and a half.  A miracle!


My baby bump got cold in the snow as I now don’t have a coat that does up properly!


My Mum has a massive garden that was perfect for sledging, and she managed to get hold of a sledge for Mads so we went over there to have a play with her and my sister.




Sledging with Grandma.


Even myself and my 37 week bump had a go, but it took us a while to get back up again!


When I was at work my Mum used to have Mads on a Monday for me, but now we generally see her on a Monday morning which is just lovely.  On this particular occasion we went swimming which is just about her favourite thing to do, even more so with Grandma, and then went for lunch at the hotel and brasserie Mr E and I got married in.  It was a lovely day.

This girl just has the bluest, biggest eyes I have ever seen.


 Messing around with scrabble letters and my big fat bump.  Please note I am wearing knickers- that would just be wrong! 😉

Here are just a few more photos captured by my ‘big camera.’  Until next time…


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