Family • November 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Memories #12- The Friends Edition.

My ‘Miscellaneous Memories’ are all those little moments I have captured with my ‘big camera’ that I don’t want to forget, but that in themselves aren’t enough to dedicate a whole post to.  The last couple of weekends we have been lucky enough to have two of our close sets of friends come to stay and us such most of the photos are from then.

Both sets live up near Newcastle, and we don’t get a chance to see them very much anymore as we all have babies now, so we we really love it when we get a chance to get together.  I spent a large proportion of the start of my adult life in Leeds, then in London, and as such many of my friends are scattered all about the place.

We may not get a chance to get together as much as we used to, but I think the sign of true friendship is that when you see each other, it is like you only got together yesterday.  Times may have changed- instead of downing shots and staying out till 4am we are changing nappies and going to bed at 10pm, but we are still very lucky to have some really lovely people in our lives.


Hugging to keep warm in the playground!




A moment with Daddy.


Cheeky smiles over lunch.


First time on an outdoor slide (although Daddy did hold her on the way down!)


My beautiful little lady.


Fun times.


She was fascinated watching the older girls running around.

Until next time…


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