Family • April 9, 2017

{The Ordinary Moments 17} #13 ‘A random little photo shoot with my boy’

Life has been so busy lately, just one big muddled up mix of school run’s, day to day life routines, work, extra work projects, life admin and generally trying to raise three little people. I wrote about this last week but one thing that I am finding that I am struggling with is my blog/you tube balance. Blogging was my first love and always will be, but I have found that the way in which people are interacting on social media has changed- has anyone else found that? We have instagram to chat about our daily lives, especially with the new instagram stories, and it’s so much easier to leave a quick comment or love on someone’s photo. Then we have You Tube as well, which means that there are only so many things you can keep up with. I’m still trying to put at least two posts up on here a week, but sometimes it’s hard because everything has already been said everywhere else- there’s only so many things you can share, write about and document.

Anyway last week it felt decidedly spring like here. One afternoon the sun was out and was setting and shining that beautiful golden light that I love so much. It was the middle of tea time and I randomly on the spur of the moment said to Jon that I was taking our baby boy and going to take some photos of him. Luckily the camera battery was charged (which it often isn’t when I decide upon these whims) so I literally just went to the edge of our estate where there is a big expanse of open green fields. I lucked upon this patch of daffodils (that actually were centered around a massive pylon but that just shows the beauty of a photograph in that you wouldn’t have a clue) and popped him down on the ground.

We stayed there for about ten minutes until it started to get a bit chilly and he just sat there smiling away at me. He’s at the most delicious age, he will still sit reasonably still if you distract him (in this case with a stick- prize parenting there!), although he is moving more and more this day, and soon it will be a lot harder to get photos like this of him.

Taking these photos and getting them home and putting them on the computer reminded me just how much I love to get my camera out and just snap away. While I am enjoying learning about video and creating videos so much, photography will definitely always be my first love. I think the nicer weather always helps- I want to make sure I make time to go out and take photos just for no reason at all other than because I love to do it more often.

I’m thrilled with these photos of my little bird…

(His little shoes are from Clarks, they aren’t proper walking shoes yet, just soft cruisers as I was worried his feet were getting cold all the time! We are no where near walking here yet, thank goodness, I am not ready for that!)


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