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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 2015…

Every year we have a ‘festive day’ during the build up to Christmas. This is the day we put our tree up and we usually have a whole host of other festive activities planned as well. It is a really simple tradition, nothing fancy at all, first thing we do is head over to our local garden centre where we let the girls each choose a decoration for the tree. Then it is time for hot chocolates and a cake, before we head home to put the Christmas tree up, while listening to festive songs on the numerous Christmas TV channels that pop up before the big day.

After the tree has been decorated, we give the girls a festive box each. This always has a pair of Christmas PJ’s in it, a Christmas book, a Father Christmas and Angel toy which appear every year, (kind of like our version of Elf on the Shelf without the actual creative side!) and some Christmas chocolate. We then play games and snuggle on the sofa watching Christmas films, as well as write letters to the big man himself.

It’s a simple day, but I actually look forward to it almost as much as I do of Christmas itself. It’s just a day that is all about our family, the four of us, and it makes me feel really thankful and lucky to be living our ordinary life. I, like a lot of people I am sure, get really reflective and a bit over sentimental this year, and I do spend a lot of the time verging on being really over emotional about how lucky we are. I don’t think being pregnant helps this much this year either!

I didn’t take many photos this year, but here are a few from our festive day 2015, plus our daily video in December we are doing too…


I think what I love most about our festive day is that I generally seem to take photos in the same place each year, which really means that you can see how much the girls grow on a yearly basis. I always take a photo of them on the bed, choosing their decorations and opening their boxes and you can tell how much they change.


Choosing a festive decoration for the tree. Our tree started off with a colour scheme, silver and white, with a touch of purple, but over the years it has been filled with all manner of different tacky decorations courtesy of the girls. Last year my Mum found decorations of mine from when I was little that are utterly retro but not particularly pretty. I have come to accept that our tree will never be one of those beautifully themed trees you see online, but it is full of our memories and that is all that matters.

festiveday2015d festiveday2015e festiveday2015f

Quite a few photos of the same thing, but I love these photos of the three of us. I am so proud of these little girls.


Mistletoe hanging in our front hallway, meaning that there will potentially be a lot of kisses this year!


Mads always puts the star on top of the tree. That is the rules as she is our biggest girl and again I have so many photos over the years of her doing this and you can really see the changes in her. It struck me how grown up she looked in this one.


Ready to open their festive boxes! I was naughty this year (or clever depending on how you look at it!) because bar some new Christmas PJ’s and some chocolate, I just put in the same things as last year. We keep the Christmas books up in the loft anyway so they don’t remember reading them- cheapskate Mummy!


I love their Christmas jammies this year- they are soft and snuggly and I just want to cuddle them non stop when they are in them. festiveday2015k

Yet again this photo just shows how much they have grown! Why does time go so fast?


It’s not the best photo I have ever taken of her as she looks a bit scary, but I love this big girl so so much. She drives me insane but she’s my little best friend.


LL’s decoration for the tree this year. She thought that this deer was a kangaroo, bless her!


And finally Mads christmas decoration for tree. Nice hey? 😉

Here is our daily video we are doing each day in December…

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