Family • August 4, 2015

Far Far Too Many Photos Of Our Trip To Hitchin Lavender…

I’m a big one for little traditions here and there, I’m a sentimental fool and I love that by creating little family traditions we are effectively creating lasting memories of my girls childhoods. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just those ordinary moments that form the life of our family- the way in which Mr E lets the girls be ‘Spiderbabies’ every night as we take them to their bedroom, our little ‘Festive Day’ tradition when we put up the Christmas tree and have a special day together, or that on a weekend when we have nothing else on we always have a ‘carpet picnic’. It’s just the little things that make us ‘us’.

One tradition that we may have inadvertently started is going to the Lavender each year. Being a very happy snapping photo taking Mummy means that of course those beautiful purple flowers just cry out for me- they are the most perfect backdrop for taking photos in, and I love how we are almost using them as a way of seeing just how much my girls change in a year. When we first went in the summer of 2013 , LL was just a few months old, then in 2014 she was just growing out of her baby stage- now she is a fully fledged little human.

I think this was my favourite time of all the times we have visited. Obviously with small children you never know how they are going to take to going somewhere specifically to take photos, but they were both on amazing form- laughing, joking and having lots of fun running up and down the lavender- and I think that shows from these happy snaps. After all you can’t fake genuine laughter and happiness and I look back on these and feel a little emotional as I can see the happiness radiating from my family. I would go as far as to say they are my favourite photos we have taken together- but then as my Mum kindly pointed out the other day I say that a lot. They weren’t even afraid of the many bees this year, the last two years Mads was a little wary of our buzzy friends. They ran around happily after I said they really weren’t bothered by them.

Prepare for FAR too many photos of our time in the lavender- in fact if you are reading this on your mobile it may even make my blog load weirdly due to the size of them. I am actually in the process of redeveloping my site behind the scenes and trying to sort that issue out but it’s not an easy job and is quite time consuming, so sorry if it happens to you- if you reload sometimes that helps! It generally only happens every once in a while so I’m told. The purple was even more intense and beautiful than ever and I truly love all these photos. Happy memories of a happy afternoon I will remember for a long time to come…

(PS If you see any black splodges on these photos, it’s not that I have a dirty lens, it’s just a photo bombing bumble bee- they literally loved getting in on the photo action too!)

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